Peychaud’s Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Proof: 70 (35 %)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $6.50 5oz (148 ml)
Price Range:

Required ingredient for the Sazerac Cocktail.

Notes: Probably second best known bitter in the US and somewhat known outside of it. Required ingredient for the Sazerac Cocktail. Also used in place of angostura bitters in many popular cocktails by some. Originally made by Antoine Amedie Peychaud, an apothecary in New Orleans. Peychauds Bitters blend the other ingredients together, add many layers and depths of flavor, and may even help your digestion afterward.

First Impression: Anise,cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, slightly sweet smelling.

Appearance: Cherry cough syrup colored in the bottle, bright red (read, REALLY bright red) in a drink.

Taste: Sweeter than angostura bitters with anise and slight cherry, nutmeg and clove flavors.

Drinks: A absolute requirement for a Sazerac. Can also be used where you would like a absinthe of anise flavor accent in a cocktail.

Bottle:Clear glass bottle with purple/red printing on a white label and old style lettering -looks charming and antique. Black neckwrap with large “P” in old gold script topped with screwcap closure.

Other: Could be used as an absinthe or pastis substitute where either is needed in small amounts as a flavoring.

Final Thoughts: A must have item for a bar for either a Sazerac or other drinks that call for Peychauds or as a specified bitter by a customer- otherwise people will wonder what happened to their drink as this bitter has a very distinctive taste. Goes well with cognac or rye-based drinks in particular.

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