Pisa Liqueur – Liquore Pisa International B.V.,Netherlands

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Proof: 48 (24%)
Age: 8 months
Price: $22.99 750ML
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A tasty and more complex change from Ammaretto

Note: A Italian nut liqueur by way of the Netherlands (an increasing trend I have noticed of Italian liqueurs outsourced to the other big producer, the Netherlands). Unlike a number of competitors (especially in the ammaretto / almond category), Pisa does not use cheaper alternatives such as apricot pits, concentrated essences, or worse yet, chemical equivalents, as I refer to artificial flavors in the creation of their product.

First Impression: Nicely aromatic and you can definitely pick out this is not just a almond/ammaretto one note wonder. While almonds are definitely in the bouquet so are the other nuts in a harmonious way.

Appearance: Copper/bronze. Clear as the glass it was poured into. On swirling leaves light coating on glass, then develops some legs.

Taste: True to the bouquet, the taste is a intriguing blend of almond, pistachio and hazelnuts with a sweet viscous body-not overly sticky like many ammarettos.

Drinks: A tasty and more complex change from Ammaretto – especially the overly sticky sweet nut syrups some people call liqueurs. Also mixes much easier physically in drink than a armrest, doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients nearly as much and so a better result in cocktails. While frankly I found some of their recipes on their website to be shall we say, unpalatable (not to say alarming in some cases), it is a interesting cocktail ingredient.

Bottle: Like the tower that it is named after, tall, round, and leaning somewhat. Clear glass with a paper label . Screw cap closure with the word PISA on the top of the cap. . .

Other: Pity it’s not dyed red – then maybe we could revive the Pink Squirrel. . . then again maybe not. . .

Final Thoughts: An interesting and excellently made liqueur. Just needs some cocktails – guess you could say it is a liqueur looking for cocktails to be used in. Mixologists should take note of it – it could be your next secret ingredient or claim to fame with a new drink.


Relatively fast loading webpage with a few pictures, drinks recipes, and minimal information .

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