Plantation Rum Jamica Old Reserve Vintage 2000

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 7
Proof: 84 (42%)
Age: 8 Years
Price: $41.99 750ML
Price Range:

Another lovely addition to the rum collection from the Plantation Boys

Notes: This  Jamaica Plantation Rum was produced using long fermentations and pot still distillation – both somewhat unusual in the rum trade anymore, where produce it fast as you can and use a column still because it is easier and cheaper is the industry standard anymore sad to say.  Aged for many years in Jamaica in its  hot and humid climate, and although we don’t know what cask they used, it was probably a bourbon cask – since the market is always flooded with these low cost option barrels ( but very flavorful casks – the price is cheap because there are so many on the market not necessarily a reflection of quality or lack thereof). at some point when they were ready for market they were bought up by Cognac Ferrand  shipped to Cognac Ferrand’s Château de Bonbonnet at their natural strength in order to preserve their richness of aroma and flavor ( not to mention to save space).

They are then placed in small oak casks to age for several months to a year to polish and finish the rum. This technique was common in the 18th and 19th centuries ( both by merchants and also  by default in the ultimate owners storing it till use in their own cellars) but this practice has almost died out as almost no one stores spirits this way anymore sad t say ( except for real enthusiasts for their own use and a few bars)
This rum is part of their Plantation Series of Rum which are hand selected rums from some of the best areas for rum production areas in the world that are selected for further attention and aging by Plantation. Others in the series that we have reviewed include the Plantation Three Stars White Rum , the Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados Five Year Old Rum, the Plantation Old Reserve Guadeloupe 1998 Rum,

Appearance: Clear as a bell, dark brown gold/honey color, on swirling leaves a thin even coat on the glass,with long legs forming quickly

First Impression: Actually a kind of heavy funky, smoky molasses base with hints of spice and fruit. Not a great nay, an almost alarming bouquet at first whiff out of the bottle. It settles down a bit after a few minutes as it opens up.

Taste: Quite different from what you would expect from the initial bouquet, honey preserved bananas, fruit,minerals, smoke,molasses  and spice.

Drinks: More of a sipping rum to be enjoyed on its own.

Bottle: Can’t comment as we only have a 200 ml sample bottle which looks nothing like the 750 ML or so we understand.

Other: An excellent example of a Jamaican rum.

Final Thoughts: Should be considered a reference sample and something any serious rum collector/drinker should have along with all the Plantation series of rum. Think of them as a trip around the rum world without having to leave your own home ( or bar ).

Available from Drink Up New York


A nicely done and easy to navigate website, that while not flashy ( thankfully in my mind) has a lot of information about all their offerings – Liqueurs, gins, and cognacs among other offerings, all of which we have found to be delightful. Rarely do you find such a consistently great portfolio of spirits!

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