Platinum 7 X

  • Rating: 4
  • Value: 6
Distillery: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $10.99 750 ml
Price Range:

You get what you pay for. Plastic bottle bounces but does not break – but by the same token useless for fight in alley too.

Notes: This vodka is a corn based vodka ( like a large majority of American vodkas including  Skyy ) distilled 7 times by well, somebody, somewhere. Bottled  by the Sazerac Company of New Orleans at their Bufallo Trace Distillery in Frankfort Kentucky, which probably means they got it in bulk as NGS ( Neutral Grain Spirit) from somewhere else. Was sampled at room temperature to better assess. Freezing covers too many potential faults in a vodka.

Appearance: Clear, leaves a thin coat on swirling with droplets forming after a short bit.

First Impression: Pretty straightforward corn spirit with spiritty somewhat thin alcohol notes to it.

Taste: Momentarily sweet then short and sharp with corn fattiness but also a thin body underneath leading to a quick burn and vapors on the tongue. Body is somewhat nondescript and water used to cut it is very light if not mineral free.

Drinks: Works well in most vodka drinks but add less than some with more weight and minerals. Slightly spirits, feints are noticeable.

Bottle: Deep blue triangular bottle with flat corners. Fairly flexible food grade plastic with Clear silkscreened plastic labels with silver lettering. Large Silver/pewter screw off cap with pour restrictor in neck of bottle. Upside is bottle is easy to grip, and will survive at least on drop to pavement in the alley.

Other: If you fill the cap all the way up it is just a hair shy of a 1 oz pour. Coincidence ?

Final Thoughts: While not terrible you are getting what you would expect for the price point – which is to say not a lot. But it is a lot better than a number of other vodkas that come in plastic bottles for an attractive price. That being said , spend a few more dollars for their infinitely better Rain Vodka which is made from organic corn and has gotten cheaper since we initially reviewed it.


Fairly minimal website with basic information. But the $10 a bottle crowd probably aren’t looking a lot of information.

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