Prichard’s Crystal Rum

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $25 - 750 ML
Price Range:

A very nice if slightly idiosyncratic rum. Very Flavorful.

NotesThere are two main types of ingredients and methods for making rum and the results can be, and are for the most part, vastly different.The first type is to use sugar cane juice,(a primarily French method called Rhum Agricole) the second is to use molasses , usually the blackstrap variety, a by-product of sugar production (refered to as Rhum Industriale). The difference is similar to cognac and grappa production – with the same general results – this being a happy exception.

Prichard’s being pot distilled from Grade A Fancy molasses (not the blackstrap type) is similar to what Noni does to produce its “Super Grappa” (See the About section on grappa). They use much higher quality ingredients than the industry standard and so yield a amazing product.Distilled five times in a small pot still. 

Appearance: Beautiful clear silver – thick bodied, on swirling leaves thin coating on glass and some long legs.

First ImpressionLimestone, a touch of pepper, char, and vanilla.

TasteReminds me very much like a really good vanilla cream soda (like the ones by Journey in health food stores) with a hard stone finish to it. Madagascar-type vanilla notes, then expanding to something sweeter, almost like a sweet rye. Somewhat sweet in a vanilla sense (not a sugary one) and smooth. Not your average rum by a longshot. Doesn’t have the burn that some white rums have. Delicious!

Drinks: Adds a extra vanilla dimension and sweetness to the average white rum drinks.This is a positive for some drinks and a complication for others.It is however a great rum to have for mixing. It just takes some experimentation to figure out its best drinks.

Cigars: Great with a mild to full bodied cigar, a great counterpoint.

Bottle/Packaging: Both bottles used by Mr. Prichard are very nice clear glass bottles with easy to read labels and tasteful labeling. Conveys a sense of understated value and taste.

Final ThoughtsThis rum would be a great addition to a rum collection. Much more complexity and different flavor notes than your average silver rum. A complex and idiosyncratic rum. Much better than a lot of rum in its price range.  


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