Proof and Wood The Globe Polish Rye

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Proof: 99 (49.5 %)
Age: 9 Years Old
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A very complex, spicy, and fruity rye that reflects its many influences and background. Highly recommend as a departure from the ordinary.

Notes: This is a completely new release, indeed departure, from the crew over at Proof and Wood.

As the name suggests, this rye is quite cosmopolitan and a world traveler. Starting off in Poland as a 100% Polish rye whiskey, it was distilled in 2013. First aged in French oak barrels, it then traveled to Kentucky and was aged in former bourbon barrels. After a period of 8 years in the first two types of barrels it was transferred to barrels that formerly contained Jamaican pot still rum and aged for another year. This of course makes for a total aging number of 9 years.

Appearance: Very much like the color of amber found on the beaches of the nearby Baltic Sea. A lovely clear honey amber color that is faultlessly clear. On swirling it leaves a very smooth and even medium coating on the glass with a well-defined ridgeline that develops a few droplets and legs that ever so slowly as they drift back down into the glass.

First Impression: The initial bouquet from this rye is almost like reading its passport or maybe I should say its genealogy?  It is quite complex!
There is the sweet and sour rye at first, with its signature spiciness, that is immediately followed by the signature smells of a Jamaican pot still rum influence, including some nice grassiness backstopped by the bourbon vanilla, spice, dried fruit notes, and the French grape notes are a nicely underlying component.

Taste: Delicious and delightfully complex as promised by the nose. Dark fruit, dates, persimmons, Greek figs, and with allspice and molasses blending with the fruit and grain of the rye grain remind me a bit of Johnny Cake but far more complex. Notes of creme brûlée, grain, fruit, and spices make for an exotic and thoroughly enjoyable around-the-world tour without leaving home, indeed my chair.

Drinks: This is a VERY versatile rye whiskey with an entire host of flavors to draw from, tease out, or accentuate a wide variety of cocktails, crossing a number of cocktail disciplines as it were. The complexity of this whiskey as a base coupled with any number of completely different modifiers is a fertile ground for experimentation.
It certainly made excellent Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, and Old Fashioned for a start of course, with the extra levels of flavors adding nicely to the classics and giving far more complexity to the standards.

The Globe also yielded a number of interesting variations on some classic rum drinks, standing up well to fruit juices, ginger beer, and other assorted modifiers and also for use as a float in others. Also, the whiskey exhibits some smoke-like characteristics that lend themselves to a number of cocktails in the Scotch and Mezcal categories.

Bottle: Clear glass cylindrical bottle shows off the depth of color to good advantage. The square shoulder makes for an easier grip. The shallow punt at the bottom helps with the overall balance and allows a slightly different look at the color of the spirit (compared to the full width of the bottle higher up)Distinctive and bold graphics of the labels make for an easy-to-spot and read bottle that stands out on a shelf.

Other: Pairs nicely with a spicy but not overwhelming cigar. Fuente Hemingway Series, Padron, or CAO would be good choices.

Final Thoughts: An excellent choice for a quality rye that is a standout from all the others in a number of respects. The Globe is a nicely unique yet approachable rye whiskey with a lot of complexity and subtlety you will not find in any other rye without being such a radical departure that would alienate some.


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