Pucker Raspberry Rave Raspberry Flavored Vodka

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 1
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 70 (35%)
Price: $17.00 - 750 ML
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Not as regrettable as their other flavors but still undrinkable. At least it did not trigger gagging and nausea unlike some of their other flavors.

Notes: This is produced by Jim Beam along with several chemical analogs such as  cherry, sour apple, grape,lemonade, and orange.

Appearance: Clear, somewhat viscous appearance

First Impression: Very plastic gummi candy scents followed by a cutting alcohol vapor tinged with what they are trying to pass of as raspberry scents.

Taste: Cutting,citric acid and sweet chemical candy taste. Bear about as much resemblance to a raspberry as a plastic sex doll does to a real human (and probably about as satisfying to most people). Reminds me a lot of a badly done raspberry jello flavor.

Drinks: I honestly can’t think of anything you could use this for. Their website however has some recipes for anyone who somehow has a bottle of this in their possession and little else.

Bottle: Tall cylindrical bottle like so many other vodkas these days- easily lost in the forest of vodkas at your local store. Bright raspberry cap looks like it came off a can of spray paint except for the wave design molded into it

Other: Why can’t they make something that bears at least some resemblance to a real flavor ?

Final Thoughts: Not quite as foul as their attempts with Cherry and Lemonade flavored vodka, but still an undrinkable chemical broth that could only appeal to fake flavored candy addicts of any age.


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