Punzoné Lemoncino Liqueur or RTD

  • Rating: 4
  • Value: 3
Classification: ,
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 34 (17%)
Price: $37.99 1 Liter ( not a 750 ML )

All organic, but not particularly drinkable.


Notes: Punzoné  Lemoncino is a blend of Punzoné Organic Vodka with organic Chardonnay grapes from Abruzzo and a natural Sicilian Lemon essence.. Part of a portfolio of products including an organic wheat vodka and another  RTD’s ( ready to drink ) Punzoné Originale.  Punzoné Originale  and Punzoné Lemoncino are some of the few RTD’s certified as organic by the European Union (a very hard certification to get) and the United States Department of Agriculture most of the other RTD’s on the market are horrid chemical hellbroths of faked flavors, GMO grains and dyes that I wouldn’t feed to rats.

Appearance: Slightly cloudy, citric yellow tinge to it. Appropriate for a Limoncino and not faked up with a bunch of fluorescent colored dye- which many others resort to ( for some reason many drink makers think a lemon flavored drink needs to look like a lemon skinned fire hydrant color)

First Impression: Pleasant natural lemon scent is predominant with slight wine grape scents, Light and natural scent. On chilling the lemon becomes more predominant but in a nice way.

Taste: I’ll give them point for natural at least  and not overamped with lots of artificial flavoring and flavors enhancers, but that being said it is somewhat shall we say uninspiring or exciting.

Drinks: Possibly useful as a white sangria base but too expensive might as well blend your own.

Bottle: Tall cylindrical bottle with frosted surface with an interesting textured silkscreen of the major ingredients. Bottle is topped with  light yellow paper ribbon seal with the word imported and the Italian national colors. Closure is a composite cork with a silver-colored top to it and a clear plastic neck capsule.

Other: Natural and organic

Final Thoughts: Sorry to say but I can’t recommend it. While not nearly as foul as some of the other RTD we have come across, it is too pricey for what it is and not particularly palatable.


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