Punzoné Originale Organic Liqueur or RTD

  • Rating: 4
  • Value: 3

While better than a number of RTDs, I cannot recommend it.

Notes: Made from organic wheat grown in Italy and using Italian Alps water this is a newcomer to the market . Part of a portfolio of products including an organic wheat vodka and another interesting RTD’s ( ready to drink ) Punzoné Lemoncino (Punzoné organic vodka with organic Chardonnay grapes from Abruzzo and a natural Sicilian Lemon essence). Punzoné Originale is one of the few RTD’s certified as organic by the European Union (a very hard certification to get) and the United States Department of Agriculture most of the other RTD’s on the market are horrid chemical hellbroths of faked flavors,gmo grains and dyes that I wouldn’t feed to rats.
Punzoné Originale  is a blend of the Punzoné Organic vodka,Sangiovesse grapes used in Snagria and a natural blood orange essence from organic groves in southern Italy

Appearance: Pinkish red,attractive and hopeful looking

First Impression: Smells like a sangria, with the blood orange and wine scents.

Taste: While I would say it is much better than most RTD’s that is not saying a lot (see above) It just tastes somewhat tired and a touch bitter. Upon chilling it gets better but it still is not something I could get excited about.

Drinks: It’s an RTD which means it’s ready to drink as it sits in the bottle.  It is meant to be drunk cold or over ice ( which helps the taste immensely )

Bottle: Tall cylindrical bottle with frosted surface with an interesting textured silkscreen of the major ingredients .Bottle is topped with  dark red paper ribbon seal with the word imported and the Italian national colors. Closure is a composite cork with a silver-colored top to it and a clear plastic neck capsule.

Other: Sangria is about a fresh and refreshing wine, fruit, and brandy drink. Try some of my Sangria recipes  ( or other peoples) using fresh ingredients and you will get a better result.

Final Thoughts: While this is organic, it still suffers from the bottled cocktail problem of not being as fresh tasting as you would like. This is particularly problematical with a sangria. It just doesn’t work.While we do like their vodka I would give this a pass.

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