Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Corn Whiskey

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  • Value: 8

Finally a drinkable not over spiced sugar bomb of a Apple Pie Flavored Whiskey


Notes: Made buy the Iron Smoke Whiskey Distillery in Fairport, New York makers of Iron Smoke Whiskey  This is a new product/line extension for them, following in the American tradition of Apple Pie Moonshine, a slightly lower proof, spiced, version of an American Whiskey using a base whiskey, apple cider/juice and spices. Unlike a number of other apple pie moonshine products, this one uses all natural products that are specified on the label not just (unspecified ) “natural” flavors and ingredients  (which can include a number of things like citric acid, corn syrup, antifreeze, MSG, GMOs, beaver anal glands, meat products, formic acid, etc., etc., all of which can and are used in some other spirits and perfectly legal). Rattlesnake Rosie’s uses only New York State corn whiskey, local western New York apple cider, cinnamon ,vanilla and brown sugar.

Appearance: Clear for the most part with some very slight haze from the apple cider pulp, brown sugar, and other ingredients, that let you know this is not some filtered to death chemical product but made from natural products that were processed as little as possible, leaving the flavors and character in.

First Impression: Vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar/molasses, are the dominant notes with whiskey, barrel char, and smoke subtly inserting themselves in the background. A little like a cross between your grandmothers kitchen and the den where your grandfather hide the good stuff – like his pipes and whiskey

Taste: Sweet, oily entry that is sweet and spicy with apple pie spices, brown sugar, vanilla, molasses with a touch of grainy corn sweetness and some traces of smoke that adds a nice drying note through the alcohol to keep the mix from getting too cloying ( unlike a number of other Apple Pie Moonshine products whose sweetness can cling to your palette like grim death).Think of a really good apple pie spice, or some fruitcake and dried fruit notes with a rich spicy and sweet confection with just a touch of fire and smoke.

Drinks: Not too many cocktails out there for this (their website has 3 so far) but if you think spiced rum, applejack, or any number of other liqueurs with these type of ingredients, you should be able to make a wealth of cocktails with this. It also goes well on your pancakes or in your oatmeal to impress your new friend the morning after too.

Bottle: Very dark brown glass like a newer type of apothecary or lab/chemical or ink bottle (indeed a lot of moonshine was disguised using bottles like this back in the day around these parts). With a very ornate old  (and a touch flamboyant) style that is very reminiscent of the late 19th century and also harks back or may be an homage to our own “Rattlesnake Pete” or Rochester history and lore (but Rosie is much prettier!). Bottle is an unusual style and the size( 1 full liter not a 750 ML) makes for quite a handful. Closure is a black plastic screw cap with ridges – the standard closure for such a bottle.The size and height make for easy storage in a refrigerator after opening, and the bottle recycles well for reuse for many other purposes after the fact which is a nice plus too.

Other: Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening.

Final Thoughts: While I am not a huge fan of such spirits as this (spiced liqueurs or heavily flavored spirits) , I have to say this one is much more well done than most, indeed head and shoulders above a lot of them (most of which I would not use as slug bait in my garden). Well made base whiskey, natural flavors, and not entirely overdone spicing and sweetness unlike most of its brethren, make this Rosie’s Apple Pie the pick of the litter.


Not a lot about the brand or information on the stills and such for the detail oriented, but good information on the ingredients, where to buy it, and cocktail recipes.
The entire site can be viewed just by scrolling down which is a refreshing way of doing things.

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