Red Hook Mustache Wax by Brooklyn Grooming

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Price: $22 2 OZ Tin
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Nicely done, smells good, crunchy granola organic and easy to apply.

Notes: Brooklyn Grooming is a small grooming products company based in a studio in Brooklyn. They make a number of products including Shaving Oil, Beard Oil, Facial Serum, Mustache Waxs, Old School Pomade, Classic Beard Balm, and a Tattoo Balm. Made from natural and if it all possible organic or vegan ingredients their products ( unlike many other grooming products which use a host of ingredients that could poison you if taken internally)

Appearance: A slightly butter yellow cast to it,

First Impression: A rather manly but pleasant scent of oil and spices with bay, bergamot, and cardamom at the fore with Shea butter and beeswax along with a touch of citrus adding to fragrances. Overall impression is a nicely scented but not over done fragrance that seems to hark back to another century when men used these products with pride and confidence. A very definite but nice smell to it, and being all natural you can tell those chemical allergy/scent police freaks to go take a walk – there’s nothing there but herbs and spices ( and no pollen even) for them to get hysterical about. On the plus side it imparts a nice smell and may cover other odors as you amble along somewhere. Slight downside is it will slightly scent drinks or food as you are trying to smell them – but it may also inspire some new cocktail or cooking ideas too.

Testing: Easy to use, just put some on your palm and then gently massage into mustache, style till you get it looking the way you want, and you are set. No having to work the stuff in like it was ski wax. Allows the mustache to be styled a bit more easily and gives a nice ‘Yes, I care about my appearance look’ to your overall style. Of course if you are just starting to train your mustache to do something thaN bristle every which way you must realize this is a process and you need to train those boar bristles to sit and stay in a particular way. This mustache wax has some very nice oils that will soften your mustache and make it more tractable and glisten a touch. We also found that while we thought it had slightly less holding power than some waxes for raw holding power,it surpassed a couple in performance in that the oils ( which made it less stiff) lubricated and softened the mustache for longer holding,more softness and trainability .We also lost less hairs apply it since it went on much more gently.

Field Use: We used it out in the sun, heat  and the rain and it holds up nicely. As a wax it also helps resist and shed most forms of liquids a bit which is also helpful both from a convenience and appearance standpoint – keeps a lot of liquids at bay and keeps you looking neat.
Do be aware that it may stain or leave a little residue on clothes in the first few minutes after application so be a little mindful of that ( or your significant others clothes ). On the other hand it feels lovely on your hands and I would suggest rubbing any excess off by massaging it into your skin ( or a friends for that matter)

Packaging:  A somewhat larger tin (larger than an antique silver dollar) and a full 2 oz make this a hard tin to lose among your pocket litter or own that overcrowd dresser .Straight forward high contrast antique style lettering with a high contrast background,  makes it easy to read and distinguish if you have multiple varieties of grooming products, especially in the morning when it’s harder to snap things together.

Other: All natural ingredients – unlike a huge percentage of  grooming products out there. Most others contain some petroleum/hydrocarbon products and other ingredients you wouldn’t use to wax your car, so why put them on your face ?

Final Thoughts: Think of it as a natural style aid and conditioner for your mustache. Helps distinguish yourself as someone who wears and cares for his mustache with pride and also someone who cares about his appearance. A touch pricey compared to some other brands but they are using top shelf and in many cases organic ingredients and it


A simple but well organized set of pages with good photos and information on all their myriad products. In an age of flash heavy,whiz bang type websites it is refreshing to see a simple,tasteful and informative website that you can navigate with a minimum of fuss and bother to get to the information you want. We doff our hats to them !, Well done !

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