Red Stag Whiskey

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 3
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 4 Years Old
Price: $17.99 - 750 ML
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The kind of booze where you wake up in a alley, in bed with a stranger, or in jail.

Notes: This whiskey is produced by Jim Beam in Kentucky with their four year old bourbon as the base with dark cherry juice infused into it. As the whiskey is flavored/infused (with cherries) it cannot be classified as a bourbon or rye. Federal law and tradition prohibit any additions of flavorings to a bourbon among the many other criteria- which is why we classified this as a American Whiskey instead. Frankly it is more of a liqueur – but they are trying to sell it as a whiskey probably because they feel that is far more macho.

AppearanceDark gold in the bottle, wheat straw in the glass, lighter body than most bourbons. Even coat on swirling,droplets slowly forming and a few legs – very thick, oily body for a whiskey.

First Impression: Sweetish corn and a traces of rye, heavily overlaid with dark cherry sweetness.

Taste: Rather candylike more like a high test liqueur than a whiskey really some oak char and leather at the finish, but frankly the cherry really runs over everything else. Somewhat sticky sweet finish overall. Think cough syrup cut with whiskey.

DrinksMakes for an interesting if sweeter version of a Blood and Sand- just swap out the scotch and cherry heering. Read just add orange juice ( one way to start the morning). Another approach is to treat it like a sweet cherry liqueur (which it is) and swap it out for other cherry liqueurs in a cocktail recipe.

I’d be afraid to mix the two – the thought of this and tobacco gives me a frisson of disgust.

Bottle: Standard clear glass Jim Beam bottle with attractive graphics, but why not a new-type of bottle?
About as much effort was put into designing the bottle as the website and cocktail recipes.

Final Thoughts: Far too sweet and candylike for anyone over the legal drinking age or some measure of taste. I can see this being wildly popular with with young women ( and maybe men who don’t know any better). The kind of booze where you wake up in a alley, in bed with a stranger, or in jail. Given the sweetness the hangover and sickness that will probably result from over indulgence would be of near terminal vileness. Avoid.

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