Rémy Martin Grande Champagne 1989 Vintage

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Type: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 19 Years Old (1989-2008 )
Price: $300.00 750ML
Price Range:

A nicely spare vintage cognac with lots of oak and dried fruit.

Notes: Produced in the heart of the Cognac region, Rémy only uses grapes grown from the Cognac Grande Champagne area for this vintage. Distilled in small classic alembic charentais copper stills the resulting eau de vie is then aged in Limousin oak in their private cellars and then is carefully blended to profile. Rémy is actually one of the few producers who bottle a vintage year release. Two other cognacs of theirs that we have reviewed are the VSOP and 1738 Accord Royal

First Impression: Hints of dried fruits , figs, apples, vanilla, caramel, leather and oily nuts,raisins and oak. A very understated version of their younger cognacs with more ethereal bouquet.

Appearance: Attractive red gold baltic amber color, leaves thin coat on swirling with long thin legs developing.

Taste: Slightly sweetish entry counterbalanced with oakiness, then drying pleasantly. Light oily silky body, with a lot of oak and dried fruit notes. Imagine a oaked ice wine (but far more subtle) and a lovely lingering finish.

Drinks: Frankly this really should be enjoyed on its own. See our glassware notes under “Other.”

Cigar : A vintage Rocky Patel or Ashton. One guide would be one of similar age and cost of a glass of this cognac.

Bottle: Understated velvet frosting covers a dark green cognac bottle (think bell or apple shaped with a long neck), pressed glass raised relief of Centaur hurling a javelin at the shoulder. Dark green label with subdued gold lettering for company information and silver used for for the vintage designation. Slightly lighter but dark and glossy green sealing wax is used to cover the silver foil wrap and real cork closure give. Comes in a red presentation box with similar graphics. Altogether, a very tasteful presentation, and nicely done.

Other: A note about glassware. We tried this cognac in a number of glasses including our favorite, the Riedel Hennessy cognac glass, which works wonderfully for the Delamain cognacs, but fails miserably for this cognac. Normally we have learned to abhor snifters as the TMI version of glassware, but this cognac seems to be blended for such glasses.

Final Thoughts: An outstanding vintage cognac. If you have the money it is an interesting and worthwhile investment as a single vintage cognac is quite rare. But please, don’t hold it for investment, drink it for your enjoyment and education. If your tastes range towards a more understated, oaked cognac this one is for you. If you like a fruitier, heavier cognac go with the V.S.O.P. or Delamain Vesper.


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