Revivalist Garden Gin

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Proof: 84 (42%)
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Interesting New World type gin using unusual botanicals .


Notes: An interesting New World type Gin from a small distillery in downstate Pennsylvania – North of Philadelphia and edging towards Amish/Mennonite territory.  The Revivalist Garden Gin is one of four gins they produce and this one is the main product. The others are seasonal and produced in even more limited quantities. The Garden Gin uses a number of nonstandard and unusual botanicals and fruits to achieve its distinctive profile. First and definitely unique to this gin is the Ayurvedic herb/botanical Ashwaganda, which is quite a complex botanical in both flavor and chemical compounds; Next is hemp seed, which has seen some limited use in spirits of late, Juniper, Lemon Verbena which is unusual in a gin ( but not in Slivowitz or as a stand alone Eau de Vie) Followed by Rose Hips and Rose Petals, to round out a rather spare but interesting list.

Appearance: Clear and flawless but a bit thin in the body. Looking for a little more oil and weight to the spirit, but at least it is honest and not using additives to thicken it, unlike some others that come to mind. On swirling leaves a lot of droplets or stars rather than a s;ippery coat on the glass. Quite clean appearance,

First Impression: It’s not terribly juniper-forward but somewhat citrus, fruit, and dry botanical-forward. The juniper is in there and comes out on top slightly, but then the citrus and the dryish botanicals leap out, followed by the rose and lemon verbena elements.

Taste: Interesting and refreshing, with a lot of plum and rose wrapped around the juniper with the Ashwaganda standing in for more standard bittering botanicals. Lighter and more refreshing than a London Dry gin in many ways and a good bit more flavorful and balanced than a lot of New World Gins that taste more like a vodka with random botanicals.

Drinks: Not a martini gin. per se.A bit too odd for a classic one the botanicals are a bit too far off IMHO. It does, however, make a very nice alternative to a Classic Martini for most Martini people, I think. Gardener also has a number of excellent Cocktails that make this gin really shine and are well worth trying and, indeed, adding to your ( home or commercial) bar. For drinks not covered on their website, I suggest it makes a great gin and tonic, Last Word, or other gin cocktail that requires a heavyweight presence and where this particular gin shines. A look at some of the odder Hendricks Gin expressions and what people did withthem are a fertile ground for some new ideas for this one also. Yellow Chartreuse would also be an excellent modifier for this gin.

Bottle: Interesting and eye-catching design.A very deep green glass bottle that looks like either an old-style fire extinguisher or an apothecary bottle with a water valve on top, depending on your opinion/view. Bronze gold lettering in an antique-type font adds to the look nicely to make it easy to spot on either a store or bar shelf,

Other: Check out their other expressions if you get a chance and expand your gin horizons.

Final Thoughts: This is not your grandfather’s Gin or even your father’s. It very much cleaves to a New World style of gin, being less juniper, more citrus-forward, and using a few botanicals never used in a London Dry style gin. That being said, it is an interesting gin of the new school and has good mixology/cocktail development potential for a creative person.


While fast loading and pretty, it lacks a fair amount of information about the gin and its more technical specs ( base spirit, made in-house or GNS?, type of still, etc.) A little more information about the distillery and amenities would also be nice for people wanting to vist

On the more positive side, their cocktail recipe section is laudable, and the Gin Academy section is full of useful, substantive information about Gin as a spirit and its original characteristics.

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