Rhuby Rhubarb Liqueur

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Interesting Rhubarb and Vanilla Liqueur – Great cocktail possibilities for the inventive mixologist


Notes: Swedes have some interesting enthusiasms at times. Herring, potatoes, lingonberries, Sunstroming, all sorts of things…
This is one of their more approachable enthusiasms for most other people – rhubarb.On of the first plants to sprout and be useful in their springtime when the snow finally recedes, it is used of course in baking , jams and other food. One other passion swedes have is making and fooling around with alcohol and spicing it with whatever they have on hand.
This is one of the more successful experiments….

Made with freshly squeezed rhubarb green and pink petioles, bourbon vanilla , just enough sugar (200 grams per liter ) and organic wheat spirit from a distillery dating from 1580 , it is delicately heated just enough to get the sugar to dissolve and not caramelize or compromise the delicacy of the other ingredients.

Appearance: Clear, slightly pink rhubarb type hue. no sediment or floaters.

First Impression: Rhubarb, slightly acidic but sweet notes – think grapefruit and you won’t be far off

Taste: Sweetly acidic taste of candied rhubarb, bit of a bit tempered by sugar sweetness with the vanilla give it more complexity and roundness to the taste. The vanilla is, refreshingly, not overdone, unlike a pink rum I can think of…

Drinks: Treat it like St Germain with a punch to it and you will not be far off.

Bottle: Rectangular decanter with a heavy bottomed and clear stick on labels with lots of botanical flourish (think Hendricks Gin/classical victorian) with a large round metallic stopper with a synthetic cork closure. Overall a tasteful presentation without being completely over the top.

Other: While technically not a liqueur by EU standards (it only contains 200 grams of sugar per liter) That is about the closest category it fits in by both taste and composition

Final Thoughts: Interesting , well made, worth giving some thought to and working up some cocktails


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