Rime Vodka

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 9

Next time I get a cold I’m slapping a nipple on this and taking it to bed with me.

Notes: Westford Hill Distilling, tucked away in a corner of Connecticut on a lovely farm has produced a number of excellent, bordering on stunning products of great taste and quality. More noted for their Eau de Vies (Raspberry, Cherry, Pear) and their wonderful Apple Brandies ( The New World Aged , The Ten Year Old, etc.,) they have now come out with an organic grain vodka called Rime.

Appearance: Clear, slightly oilyappearance.On swirling it leaves a light oily coat on the glass then starts to recede with droplets forming rapidly with legs forming under the edge line finally retreating to leaves a band of sparkling droplets above the pool of vodka.

First Impression: Slightly sweet organic corn scent ( it seems a little lighter and sweeter than your average corn or – god forbid – GNS spirit that is so commonly the ingredient in American vodkas ) you  can smell the slight and unalloyed sweetness and corn germ grain in the nose

Taste: Entering  the mouth like oiled silk, slightly sweet with a medium oily body that coats or enrobes the tongue then sliding away with whispers of corn and a touch of heat.

Drinks: Imparts a slight sweetness and adds a oily weight and mouthfeel to any cocktail you use it in.Much smoother than many wheat vodkas. Deadly smooth when cold, could lead to dancing…

Bottle: Very interesting clear glass bottle elongated bell shaped (think artillery shell ) with a sharp shoulder to a longish neck ( think shaped charge stand off fuse for the military mined again) with a fairly novel actual glass stopper with a small ( almost invisible) nylon gasket/O ring as the closer.Light rime(ice crystals on a window) type frosting on the bottom ⅓ of the bottle with attractive graphics.Overall nice and distinctive appearance makes it easy to spot.

Other: rad

Final Thoughts: Almost ½ the money of Avian Fashion Victim Vodka and infinitely better. Stick a fork in that goose – its overdone – and grab a bottle of Rime


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