River Boat Rye

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Proof: 80 Proof (40%)
Age: 1 Year
Price: $18.99 750 ml
Price Range:

Rarely do we use terms like cheap, interesting and good in the same review. This rye is all of these descriptors and more.


Notes: This is one of the youngest ryes on the market ( the only other ones younger than this are the white dog varieties ) and certainly the youngest rye that has seen the inside of a barrel. One of the reasons I point this out is because it gives you a unique window or opportunity to try a rye after only one year of aging in barrels. Another unique point about this rye is that it is not filtered

Appearance: Hazy, slightly cloudy appearance – vaguely reminiscent of a hefeweizen (wheat) beer the sort of cloudy look you get from some types of honey. There are a few wisps of barrel char at  the bottom of the barrel also.Overall it gives the rye a nicely rustic sort of look and lets you know it has not been processed to death to make it more appealing to the masses rather than the cognoscenti .

First Impression: Spicy,fruity, apples and citrus, spice and char, persimmons, leather and just a whiff of tobacco.

Taste: Nice melange of  nuts and  fruitiness at first with spiciness, oak and leather notes providing a long finish.

Drinks: Makes a geat old fashioned with the ryes natural fruitiness and price blending well and adding to the other ingredients.

Bottle: A pretty generic cheap glass bottle with a old fashioned type label and script layout. Black screwcap closure finishes the package.

Other: A unique rye because of the age, the fact it is non filtered and the low price especially for the quality .

Final Thoughts: A nicely done and very interesting rye , very much alive and spritely in taste. Cheapest drinkable rye you can find doesn’t hurt either !


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