rivulet artisan pecan liqueur

  • Rating: 6
  • Value: 7
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Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $30 750 ML
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Interesting, Very good on its own but does not play well with some ingredients in cocktails.


Notes: We tried t get more background on this liqueur but never heard back , so here goes , – a mix of  brandy aged in small casks ( no size given ), American Hickory Pecans and other ingredients that is aged in small casks before bottling. Information seems to indicate that they macerate the ingredients then distill the liquid off again in a Vendome copper pot still and age it further to blend and mellow in small casks ( again ) . No mention on whether it ages at proof before being cut and sweetened or afterwards.

Appearance: Clear gold amber color on swirling it leaves a medium coat on the glass which then goes from droplets to legs

First Impression: Very pecan like with hints of vanilla,cinnamon ginger,toffee and some brandy like notes with touches of oak and a dry nut like aroma intermixed with citrus

Taste: Pecans of course in a nutty, authentic way, not some chemical equivalent, followed by caramel and citrus, spice, oak,vanilla,and orange notes along with cinnamon and sugary notes but not sticky like far too many Amarettos these days,

Drinks: Many cocktails calling for Amaretto is  improved by Rivulet. While it is sweet, it is far less syrupy than many amarettos these days, and also unlike most amarettos these days, it is made directly from maceration of ingredients, not some bathtub gin technique of chemicals,essences and compounds to simulate real,whole, ingredients, which rivulet does use. The problem you may encounter however is the spice component that may clash with some ingredients.

Bottle: Bottle is a short cylindrical clear glass bottle with a heavy decanter type bottom which is definitely made from a better grade of glass than the usual with a great clarity and shine to it. Dendritic sphere icon is silkscreened in gold ink directly onto the glass and a gold on black rectangular label is affixed directly below. A small clear plastic label with gold lettering on the back is applied vertically so as not to ruin the sight line or look of the bottle. Sharp then slightly angled neck leads to a short neck and black shrink wrapped neck capsule with the word “rivulet” picked out tastefully in gold script. Overall a praiseworthy attempt at a luxury package that catches the eye on a shelf.

Other: Fair Trade Certified

Final Thoughts: While interesting, the spice components somewhat detract from the pecans and in some cases does not mix well with whiskies in cocktails. The pecans and spice are good on their own but don’t play well with some spirits.While it is useful, it may take more development of a stable of cocktails – at least for us to get more enthusiastic about its mix ability. After a number of cocktail attempts we deducted points as some of the faults were thrown in sharp relief.


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