Ron Abuelo Anejo 12 Años

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  • Value: 9
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Age: 12 Years Old
Price: $35.00 750ml
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I wish more 12 year olds were this mature.

Notes: This rum is made from sugar cane honey not molasses – which makes a huge difference in taste for the better. Distilled in a 4 column still then aged in used bourbon white oak casks and bottled with a age statement. They use a blend of rums to make this product the minimum age of which is twelve years old. This rum is part of a series, portfolio, or flight, ( depending on your personal linguistic taste ) the others being theRon Abuelo Anejo and Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old. This is one of the few rum producers who grow their own sugar cane which allows them a bit more control over the sugar cane they use in their product for both consistency and taste.

Appearance: Luscious bright bronze deep baltic amber gold color clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs develop slowly on swirling along with droplets, then changing to mostly droplets.

First Impression: A full rich full on rum that is woody and spicy, subdued butterscotch with loads of oak, cane juice and molasses,dried fruits dry bouquet full of complexity and hints of alcohol around the edges.

Taste: A lush subtle expression that has all the elements of the 7 but where the 7 shouts the 12 whispers. . . Spicy, medium bodied, touches of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, butterscotch and mace. Nutty and spicy, with a touch of sweetness, oak, vanilla, tobacco and char all leading to a afterglow of a lingering finish.

Drinks: Damn nice rum good enough to enjoy on its own but also makes a wonderful rum to mix with without breaking the bank either. Makes a sublime daiquiri or Papa Doble. Excellent in almost every rum drink we tried. Complex, subtle and stately, it makes a good cocktail a outstanding one for less than $1 difference in the price per cocktail.

Cigars: This is one of my favorite rums to to pair with a nice cigar. Ashton, Credo or a vintage Rocky Patel. You probably want something spicy with a natural wrapper although my personal preference is usually towards a maduro for a lot of rums.

Bottle/Packaging: Deep brown clear glass with pseudo parchment paper label separate label band below main label. Unlike it’s younger sibling with a screwcap closure, Abuelo 12 has a dark brown/chocolate foil capsule and has a real cork seal/closure. Pommel shield area has small illustrated paper medallion . Bottle is also shorter and rounder – more like a Spanish brandy bottle and even has a more pronounce pommel or punt on the bottom – again more reminiscent of a higher class spirits bottle.

Final Thoughts: A lovely stately expression of a rum. Very complex and nicely dry. Unlike many of their competitors Abuelo did not make a sweet, syrupy and heavy expression of a old rum. This rum is complex in a lovely subdued and dry way, showing it’s age with grace and sophistication.

Web site:

Alas, This page is under construction but there is a link to the Panamanian site (which has a English version which is quick loading, and somewhat informative. Easy-to-read and navigate if a bit skimpy on details.

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