Ron De Jeremy Spiced Rum

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Classification: ,
Proof: 94 (47%)
Age: Blend of 3 to 5 year old rum
Price: $24.99 750 ML

Much better than your usually available commercially available spiced rums out there.


Notes: To recap the story of how the expanding family of Ron De Jeremy rums got started , I will quote my original piece about the Ron de Jeremy 7 year old rum; “This rum is proof that not all the ideas one has in a bar in Amsterdam are ill-advised and/or can end up as potentially embarrassing video on the internet. This one turned out to be a good idea and an amusing video on the internet. Conceived by two guys in a bar in Amsterdam (who connected the droplets between the Spanish word for rum (Ron) and the famous porn star Ron Jeremy), and celebrity spokespeople/products they decided to reach out to Mr. Jeremy and see if he would like a rum named after him. After that deal was hammered out they needed to find a rum to fit a rather large pair of shoes (or should I say pants?)  to fill.

They reached out to Fernando “Pancho” Fernandez who is one of the leading distillers and blenders of rum in the world and an expert on sourcing and creating a rum blend.”
While the original Ron De Jeremy (Unflavored ) rum is 7 years old, the spiced version is a blend of 3 to 5 year old Panamanian rums blended to profile and then spices are added.

AppearanceDark gold amber in the glass leaving an oily coat with teardrops and legs slowly forming.

First Impression: Fairly strong vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel, and allspice bouquet underpinned by a decent if not spectacular rum that binds it all together .

Taste:  Oily, heavy entry very vanilla with caramel, followed by a drying spice combination of mostly cinnamon bark, allspice and nutmeg, with traces of anise, bananas and fruit. Decent base rum if a trifle young and rough pairs appropriately with the spices ( you would not use an older rum both from a cost standpoint and the need to have a relatively aggressive rum to stand up to the spicing. Color, coating, and taste make me wonder about addition of caramel. The vanilla is well done but some of the other flavors are a bit offputting.

Drinks: Went well with Cola drinks and mixes with fruit juices to make .

Bottle: Tall cylindrical clear glass bottle with a portrait of a somewhat younger Ron Jeremy. Black square label with cream/ivory  colored printing.Black screwcap closure and neckwrap with gray screen printed “Ron De Jeremy ” in script with “SPICED RUM’ in block printed letter directly below.

Other: While I love Senor Fernandez’s rums in general, I just can’t get a lot of love going for this one personally.

Final Thoughts: One of the best tasting commercial spiced rums I have ever had, but I truly loathe most of them. While I can’t get excited about it, it is head and shoulders better than what else is out there at the moment and well made for a spiced rum. It is much better than many other spiced rums, but as a category I can’t get enthused about them and they are usually something I would not drink by choice. If I want a spiced rum it’s called a cocktail, or I would infuse it myself with my own spices to taste. So the rating is against other spiced rums and not against rums overall. Mass produced products while useful for the lazy or unimaginative tend to be disappointing on the whole.


Fairly easy to navigate with a number of features, some humor and of course Ron and some women. Fascinating biography/filmography ( sorry printed form only) of Ron Jeremy. Not a lot of substantive information on the rum or drink recipes however.

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