Ron Flor De Cana Centenario 18 – Flor de Cana 18 Year Old Rum Nicaragua Domestic Release ( 70 Proof )

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 10
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Proof: 70 (35 %) (Domestic Nicaraguan Release - International is 80 Proof 45 % )
Age: 18 Years Old
Price: $49.99 750 ML Price is for 80 Proof in US
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A subtle and complex rum at an amazing price for a 18 year old spirit and an amazing buy. If only every 18 year old was as subtle, smooth and complex as this one. One of my new favorite sipping rums.

Notes: While we have reviewed ( and thoroughly enjoyed) Flor de Cana over the years, Frankly, it has been a while! So we were excited to acquire this bottle while we were at Tales of the Cocktail this year from their Brand Ambassador.
You won’t see this bottle in your local rum shop (unless, of course, you live in Nicaragua ), but the internationally available 80-proof is extremely similar, and you can always add a few drops of water to proof it to the 70-proof ( 35%) this one is.
Flor De Cana has also made a very big and sincere push to become one of the most sustainable, carbon-neutral, fair trade, and worker-friendly rum companies out there today in the industry.With traditions and a company history of 130 years, it is one of the older rum distilleries and, socially and environmentally, one of the most modern and forward-thinking..

Nicaraguan rums fall somewhere between the (heavy) Venezuelan (Pampero) and (light) Puerto Rican rums (Bacardi, Ron Rico, etc.) in style, both in body and complexity as a general rule.
The Five stack column still allows for very precise tapping of flavors and characteristics, allowing the master distiller to select only the best components of the distillation. The rum is aged in used once-whiskey (read bourbon) barrels, aged in Barriques ( groups of stacked barrels) but unlike most rums. In effect, an almost vintage year system for rum. Only certified Kosher rum in existence. Much more substance, structure, and complexity than anything in this age bracket that Bacardi and many others make.

Appearance: Clear and slightly viscous looking- Bright Baltic Amber Gold. On swirling, it leaves a very even coat on the glass, with the edge line receding slowly and thick legs forming.

First Impression: Nuts ( almonds,, hazelnuts, and walnuts), dark fruit like Medjool dates and figs, caramel/toffee sugars. Dark, lovely, and voluptuous, just the way we like them.

Taste: Very subtle, slightly oily entry that rolls over the tongue with a wave of nut butters and dark fruit jelly, leaving a long fade of slight smoke, a slightly drying long fade with a sweet ending. Delicious and dangerously smooth – with no burn. The kind of rum that gives you no regrets.

Drinks: Best enjoyed naked with maybe a zest or peel of lemon and a little ice. Centenario 18 DOES make for an extremely subtle mixed drink, but only on very important occasions, please. Too good for mixing most times.

Bottle: Squarish Bottle with rounded shoulders with a pressed-in design of sugar cane to one side and a trumpet-shaped label clearly and proudly stating the 18 Years of age statement and being carbon neutralShort neck leads to a cork stopper topped with a sugar cane design in the black woo and a bronze colored medallion that says “Flor De Cana.” Overall an excellent and worthy design for an excellent rum!

Design is seen in all their premium rum marquees – the 12, 18, 25, and 30-year-old.

Other: This is a company that has been actively embracing a lot of values that other rum companies have not achieved. Carbon Neutral, environmentally responsible,  deeply concerned about their workers and the environment. Very much a green rum in an industry that has had more than its share of problems.

Final Thoughts: Utterly amazing rum for the price. Nowhere else can you buy an 18-year-old spirit other than the rum category these days and even then almost no one matches the price and not the quality for the money. A great buy, and a truly smooth, subtle, and delicious rum/spirits to boot! A serious challenge to the whiskey category with their pay more and get less of late.

A decent website with nice pictures, but frankly needs more information and background on the distillery, who they are, what they do, and more on the rum production.

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