Sagatiba Cachaca

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $30.00 - 750 ML
Price Range:

A refreshingly drier version of a cachaca than you normally find on the market.

Notes: This is not the usual type cachaca that you find imported to the United States – by usual, I mean the cheap aquadiente (firewater)-type alcohol that is drunk by the poor and used by the better off to fuel their cars. There are 1000’s of brands of Cachaca in Brazil most of which are thankfully NOT imported here. Prior to a few years ago drinking cachaca was about as stylish as drinking Mad Dog or Night Train here.

Now it has been discovered (finally) in America, and is used extensively in the Caipirinha as it is similar to the Mojito (a drink heavily marketed by the Microsoft of Rum- Bacardi) both of which are simple and relatively fast to make.

This one further differentiates itself from the pack in the following ways: 1. It uses dedicated sugar cane for cachaca from the Sao Paolo area (not whatever someone brings in), and 2. it is distilled multiple times (up to 5 times) leading to a leaner more vodka like expression of Cacahca.

Appearance: Sparkling pure on swirling, long legs develop on the nosing glass. Nice oily body (a sign of quality in cachaca).
First Impression: Somewhat sweet,citrus, yeasty, lemon grass, savory and brine mixed with herbal notes,well distilled- no off-notes.
Taste: Very smooth and spritely on the tongue, oak and pepper notes edges on the tongue with citrus, lemon grass and salty overtones with a whisper of smokiness. Slightly oily mouthfeel to it and a dryish finish with a warm glow.

Drinks: The drinks we tried (many from their website) were good-to-excellent.The dry woody notes with the pepper made for a very interesting Bloody Mary variation.
We also came up with a Sarachai – a mix of mint and (weak) regular tea with Sagatiba added (sugar optional). Think of it as a slightly woody, dry vodka for mixing experiments.

Cigars: Good with a lighter type/size of cigar or cigarillo. Ashton, Davidoff or Romeo Y Julieta?

Bottle/Packaging: A rather simple clear glass bottle, cylindrical in shape, with a rounded shoulder to small neck and a sideways “S” impressed on the shoulder. Rather stylized graphics (Art Nouveau meets Picasso nude on back label) silk-screened onto the bottle don’t obscure the naked purity of the cachaca. Heavy decanter-like bottom with another sideways “S” impressed on the bottom.

Final Thoughts: A good bit drier and more sophisticated than a number a cachacas out there.That being said, it is also somewhat less complex than some others – a bit more lean, with unique wood and smoky notes. Only complaint is it is a bit pricey compared to other cachaca (but the same or less as some of the other boutique cachacas). If it was in the $20-25 range it would get a much higher rating in the value/price ratings.


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