Scorpion Anejo Five Star Mezcal

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 5 Years (Hence Five Stars)
Price: $180.00 - 750 ML L
Price Range:

Very smooth but intense.

Notes: This mezcal is produced in Oaxaca, the traditional area in Mexico for mezcal. This is one of the Anejo expression of this particular mezcal line – all of which are single barrel bottlings of 100% agave. This Anejo (aged) version spends three years aging in a oak barrel of less than 200 liters.They also import numerous other mezcals that we will be reviewing (see our reviews of the Scorpion Silver, Scorpion Reposado, Scorpion Anejo One Star, Tejuana Silver, Tehuana Anejo, Embajador Silver, Embajador Anejo, Don Juan Escobar Reposado, Mistico Silver, and Mistico Reposado).

Appearance: Interesting gold/ amber color in the bottle- about the same color as a bourbon (but not a scotch) of the same age. A honey oak or smokey brown color.

First Impression: Brine, phenol, mesquite sap, salt.

Taste: Brine, herbs de Provence, salt, smoke, oily, almost like duck fat cooked over a smoky wood fire- saltpeter/niter, alkali, slick mouth feel, almost paradoxical sweet/bitter and definite viscosity.

Drinks: This could be a whole new cocktail frontier. Natural mix with any alkali ingredients (peppers, coffee, chocolate, tomato) among others. My advice would be to hone any ideas with the silver first (much cheaper) then step up to this one.

Cigars: Good with a light cigar or a good sobranie cigarette.

: Rectangular decanter with glass stopper and sculpted sides – looks sort of like a canadian whiskey or a XO cognac bottle. Red and yellow label (Mexican flag colors). Has a tiny sombrero hanging from it. I usually take that as a warning sign if I see things like that, but in this case it does make the bottle easier to find.

The scorpion on the label makes it easy to see and of course, the scorpion in the bottle is kind of a stand out (see photo below). They use extra large scorpions for the premium bottlings of Scorpion Anejo Five Star and Scorpion Anejo Seven Star. (Don’t worry, it’s only an exo-skeleton without a stinger!) The bottle fits nicely in the hand when you grip it- the decorative impresions at the top and bottom of the main area provide a nice tactile feel. Nice balance to it.

Final Thoughts: A very mellow but intense mezcal. A challenge to the sense. Anyone who wants a intense Islay whisky type drink combined with a LOT more and different tastes thrown in should try this.


Fast loading with a display of all the Mezcals they import (more than twelve!).
Basic information and pictures of each one, with reviews and ratings by different people and organizations. Rather basic, but functional. They spent the money on what is inside the bottle, and not slick web page programming.

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