Seagrams Seagrams and Sons

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 9
Age: N/A - Blend
Price: $11.99 750ml
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Pretty amazing for the price.

Notes: A rather interesting hybrid blend of column-still distilled rum agricole(or Cachaca since it comes from Brazil) and a rum (unspecified as to type) distilled in a pot still. Seagrams has always been a much overlooked brand for a number of products for some reason – it never really caught on in a big way but has always, historically, been at least a good value for what they charged.

Appearance: Sparkling clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs and crenellated edges develop on swirling.

First Impression: Slightly sweetish, nice slightly grassy notes from the cane, citrus,melon rind, sweet wood notes, touch of nutmeg.

Taste: Sweet and astringent entry, some citrus, flower notes ,persimmons, light vanilla notes with hints of tobacco. Nice slightly aromatic finish to it. Very fresh tasting overall.

Drinks: Outstanding for a Mojito, Caipirinha, (yes, I know it’s not quite a Cachaca for purists out there) or any drink calling for a flavorful but smooth white rum.

Cigars: A natural wrapper cigar, milder type would work well with it.

Final Thoughts: A somewhat complex rum especially for a silver – with the best points of a cachaca tempered with a excellent quality pot still rum to produce an outstanding rum for the money. Cheap enough for mixing or and good enough for enjoying straight. Price is going to kick the hell out of the competing brands of silver rum!

Bottle/Packaging: Clear glass with slightly flared (think doughnut shaped) bottom. Signature pressed into glass at bottom and stylized “S” in circle on shoulder. Paper labels scalloped edged in front with graphics. Black and old gold bronze banded neckseal and screwcap closure.

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Quick loading, but not terribly informative. Doesn’t seem to work very well in general.

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