Sergeant Classick Gold Rum

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 10
Proof: 80 ( 40 %)
Price: $25 750 ML
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Proof that excellent, craft, and cheap can come together in one product. Sadly not often, but with this rum it does !


Notes: Made in one of the few copper Bordeaux Alambic type potstill in this country this country, this rum is also distinguished by using 100% Hawaiian molasses  ( making it one of the few worker cruelty free molasses rums  along with Panamanian rums) and one of the few American made rums ( Yes, I know, but most of the other US made rums are made in territories not states except for a precious few). Until recently there were strangely no rum distilleries in Hawaii (with sugar cane, great water and cost of shipping in imports you would think they would have before now. Sergeant Classick was set up to to use 100% Hawaiian molasses to use this great resource on some more affordable real estate where it would not cost an arm and a leg to get it shipped to the mainland. We have a review of their unaged ( and fresh from their still Silver Rum here .

Appearance: Brilliantly clear gold color from wood chips , which unlike caramel, does not dull or dumb down the taste nearly as much but gives you the color people want. On swirling it leaves a light oily coat on the glass with tiny legs and droplets forming

First Impression: Strong molasses, pineapples and sweet fruit notes with classic brown sugar creamy notes of rum.

Taste: Sweet entry with nicely drying fade.oily,almost buttery entry with molasses cinnamon,nutmeg and vanilla notes with hints of leather, saddle soap, and just a touch of oak and slight char to round it out. Very smooth and not overly sweet, very well balanced

Drinks: We used it in a number of classics and it held up well. With its superior balance, clean finish and slightly dry nature it reinvigorates the classic cocktails and keeps the new ones from suffering from an overabundance of sweetness.

Bottle: Clear glass, somewhat cylindrical but with a slightly flared bottomed a softly rounded shoulder making it a good bit more distinctive than most.Somewhat muted but attractive graphics on a paper label of good quality with clipped edges.Back label has story about the founder and his journey into rum.Nicely done attractive and unlike most easy to read for those over 30 years old.Shrink wrap bronze gold neck capsule and Embossed design on top with no pull tab and a slightly thinner than normal bar topper with synthetic cork closure make it a bit of a challenge to get open, so plan ahead and open two if it is going to be that type of evening.

Other: The copper lambic still they use is a rare and unique type of still of which only 2 are known of in their country.

Final Thoughts: A damn fine small batch rum made by a very under aprreciated  craft distilling company


A somewhat minimal but well laid out website with some pictures and backstory.

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