Shoal Finder Gin

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9

Well done, gluten free and herbal/fruit forward rather than a juniper blast.

Notes: A small distillery located in the 1,000 Island district of upstate New York this distillery produces a dizzying array of products, this gin, y,mixed berry vodka, un-aged corn whisky (moonshine), limoncello, strawberry rhubarb liqueur, maple strawberry liqueur, raspberry liqueur, bourbon, maple whisky, cherry whisky, peach whisky and three flavored moonshines. They grow their own corn for the base of many of their products and use a number of green practices to make their distillery environmentally friendly and also efficient. They use a V copper pot still with a short column attached for most of their products.

Appearance: Clear, silvery appearance with a slightly viscous look to it.On swirling it coats the glass nicely with legs rapidly forming and a crinkly tenacious edge line

First Impression: Citrus, (lemon, grapefruit, hint of orange peel, cinnamon, orris, cardamom with licorice and coriander and of course some juniper,  but in the background rather than foreground

Taste: Definitely a New World Gin rather than a London Dry as the Juniper is rather muted compared to a London Dry.The 100% corn base is apparent ( in a ice way in the corn sweetness that blends nicely with that citrus forward bouquet with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg(?),  allspice, and lemon. Nice minerality and structure to the gin and a dry corn  finish with lingering herbal fade.

Drinks: Makes a nicely understated Martini, the virus and sweetness make for a decent Gin and Tonic, but I miss the juniper punch of a London Dry, the citrus and spice are great though.

Bottle: Clear glass, apothecary/bell shaped bottle with heavy decanter type bottom gives it a nice look and feel. One piece ¾ wrap paper label with map background is simple and easy to spot at a distance synthetic cork with rather thin black ridged topper is slightly hard to grip due to thin but it looks nice.Black plastic shrink wrap neck capsule is easy to remove after you find the perforated strip (not an easy task).

Other: Corn for base is grown on their farm. Solar power, energy and hot water recycling, LEED Practices .Quite green practices altogether

Final Thoughts: Nicely done if not awe inspiring

icely done if a bit light on information.Has list of products, where you can buy them and BOTH drink and food recipes with their products (rare to see food/cooking recipes – thanks !)

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