Southern Comfort Lime

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Proof: 55 (27.5%)
Price: $18.00 - 750 ML
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Foul tasting ,gummi candy or Roses Lime Juice with cheap alcohol added. Undrinkable.

Notes: Southern Comfort was created around 1874 by  Martin Wilkes Heron as a bartender in New Orleans who was seeking a milder but more flavorful drink for his customers and experimented with fruits,spices and flavorings to create “Cuffs and Buttons his proprietary mix. This was later renamed Southern Comfort. This is the third of a line of flavor extensions launched by Southern Comfort, the first two being Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry and Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper  This third line in their flavor offering is Southern Comfort Lime- a whiskey, spice, and fruit  flavored spirit.

Appearance: Light gold caramel color,on swirling leaves a fairly heavy coat on the glass, with a lot of  legs starting  to appear fairly quickly. Overall a fairly thick and oily appearance.

First Impression: Heavy candy like sweet lime and cleaning products. Smell almost gel like the bouquet is so thick. Minimal whiskey scents buried in the lime.

Taste: Rather sweet entry – definitely more a cordial than a whiskey – but really a very nasty sort of lime very reminiscent of Roses Lime Juice with some bad grain alcohol thrown in. The lime ( and I use the term loosely) really overwhelms any whiskey. It is a very candified gummi lifesaver kind of lime that goes bitter at the end and clings like napalm resulting in a nasty sort of finish.

Drinks: I can’t imagine using this in a drink. Hell, It’s too sticky to even use to take the bugs off my windshield – never mind drinking it.

Bottle: Clear glass with a large molded band to the bottom of the bottle,Concave sides ( easier to grip)  with Southern and Comfort embossed on either side and a ribbed teardrop or parasol pressed design at the shoulder. Quite a bit different from the old days – much more baroque. That being said rather similar to all the other new  Southern Comfort bottles and even more like their 100 proof version except for minor differences in the label coloring and of course the Lime labeling. Also the neck wrap is kind of a retro looking odd cut up /paste up of lime centric graphics with a screw top closure.

Other: Uses real limes( at least two different varieties)

Final Thoughts: Not really sure how to classify this one – bottle says liqueur but it seems like they were shooting for a flavored whiskey at least by association. Whatever the point of it was, it is a foul concoction. Use real lime juice in whatever drink it is, it’s called a cocktail when you mix it yourself.


Fairly minimal information beyond basic facts and some recipes.

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