Square One Cucumber Vodka

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Proof: 80 (40%)
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A Vodka for conscious and conscientious people.

Notes: This Vodka is produced from organic rye from North Dakota (pretty much the gold standard for rye grain) and organically fermented (meaning no genetically modified yeast, phosphates, or anti foaming agents – just plain natural yeast) then distilled 4 times by fractional distillation in a column still, then filtered through carbon. All of this is done within 100 ft. of where the grain enters the distillery- this is a craft operation that also tries to be efficient as possible. This version is their cucumber version (using cucumber essence) they also produce a unflavored organic rye vodka.

Appearance: Crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin clear oily coat (sign of nice body) on the inside of the glasswith some legs developing then leaving small droplets rather than receding altogether. Viscous look and feel.

First Impression: The cucumber is quite dominant but not in an aggressive way. Heavy,aromatic almost soapy in texture, with clean high notes to it. Cucumber is not an easy flavor to capture and balance but they seem dead on with this one. Vodka base has clean distillate smell, a touch sweet but no cloying smell. No smell of esters or oils; clean. Later on, it develops a clean rye grain smell, grains, nuts, etc.

Taste: Slightly oily on the tongue, medium body. Crisp, mild bite to it on the edges of your tongue. Lovely cucumber taste, green, luscious and full bodied. Almost minty and chlorophyll like at the same time. Leaves a tingly long finish with the base providing a somewhat dry, grain-like underpinning, with a attractively oily body/mouthfeel. Traces of a smooth heat let you know you are drinking vodka not a health food smoothie but otherwise exceedingly smooth.

Drinks: The cocktails were excellent to outstanding.The vodka “Martini” (to me it’s not a martini unless it uses gin but in common usage this drink is called that) was deadly smooth. In other drinks, it proved to be very versatile and more subtle than a number of other vodkas with the cucumber adding a wonderful green freshness and smoothing rough edges. Makes an unparalleled Bloody Mary. Also for food lovers: in Russia, depending on your persuasion (and fortitude) they use either vodka or slices of cucumber to clear the palate between foods (sausages, smoked fish, etc.) and both work extremely well. Now you don’t have to chose !

Bottle: Rectangular clear glass bottle with pressed design of three concentric squares with squared off shoulder. Paper label at top (with cucumber in light green), small one at bottom, clear silk screened label on side show off the purity of the vodka to good effect. Light green neck foil, rubber cork closure (to avoid cork taint and keep fresh) is a nice touch as a screw cap detracts from a premium presentation in my mind.

Final Thoughts: Vodka for conscious and conscientious people. As a majority women-owned and socially conscious company, both in working conditions and products we wish them well (But the above did not affect our ratings).Square One is a stand out from the corporate empires that are churning out oceans of soulless vodka for the masses. Buying a bottle of this vodka is not only a political/ideological statement but makes sense from taste point of view. I would much rather buy an organic vodka from a company such as this rather than a bottle of overpriced soulless avian fashion victim vodka from a huge corporate conglomerate charged with numerous environmental crimes.

The glass bottle is made form a good grade of glass so you can reuse it for whatever you like, vase, candle holder etc., and the labels are soy inks and so about as environmentally friendly as you can get. Another plus is that the labels are easily removable so you can reuse the bottle for whatever (oils, infusions, etc.) with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Also being square you can use them for construction projects if you (and a lot of your friends) want to build something (saw this done with a house built out of 1000’s of bottles and cement).

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