St. Germain

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  • Value: 8
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Proof: 40 (20%)
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Lovely liqueur from made Elderflowers. Mixes with anything.

Note: This is liqueur is made from freshly picked wild elderflower blossoms that are combined with grape eau-de-vie and macerated in a secret process that extracts the maximum flavor without the usual bitterness that pressing the flowers can cause.

More concentrated in flavor than the above, with a strong fruity taste.
Used extensively as an aperitif or just a nice drink to have after (or before- depending) a hard day when mixed with wine or Champagne (see below).

Also is wonderful on the rocks or mixed with mineral water. Makes for a wonderful ingredient in a cocktail when seeking sweetness, and fruit or floral elements without resorting to a insipid liqueur in some unnatural fluorescent color.

First ImpressionHeavy deep notes of flowers and berries, almost like the fig jam my landlady had in the Latin Quarter of Paris,with a sweet scent as thick as a fog. Hints of grapefruit with a mix of oriental fruits like lychees/ longans or rambutans.

Appearance: Beautiful light yellow gold color.Thick-bodied but pristine in appearance. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with long legs developing.

Taste: Thick rich taste and mouthfeel like candy, spice and velvet but without the cloying stickiness of many lesser liqueurs on the market. Candied grapefruit slices with grenadine, pineapple notes- slight nip at the end and a lingering finish of oriental fruits.

Drinks:Still very much in development. Everything we tried (read most of the recipes on the hang tag) were marvelous.This is a new liqueur so there aren’t a lot of drinks out there – which actually is a plus- you can create your own. Think of Cassis or Chambord but lighter and fruitier. Also check out my recipe section for the Stockholm Syndrome Martini – just substitute the St Germain for the Lingonberry Syrup and water.

Bottle: Tall fluted (almost faceted look to it) with a simple but elegant labels and graphics- beautiful belle époque. Heavy decanter base lends a nice balance. Each bottle is numbered to ensure quality. Gives your back bar that Paris bistro look. Beautiful packaging overall makes for a great gift to give or receive. Attractive and rétro at the same time – just the way I like them.

Other: Shelf life of 1-2 years but personally I would refrigerate it and/or use a gas preserver (such as the PEK preserver system)

Final Thoughts: One of the more interesting liqueurs I have come across in a while. Truly different and wonderful,great addition to a cocktailian’s armamentarium, and worthy of some extended cocktail research.

Also good in cooking-sauces, glazes, or on ice cream. Try it in your mineral water for the for a adult alternative to soda (in Sweden this would be called Safft using lingonberry syrup).

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