Stanley Adventure Happy Hour System

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For about the price of 2 Yeti cups you get 4 cups, a juicer and a shaker.

Notes: Made by Stanley, the people who make the iconic Thermos bottles that are still a classic go to for most people (some people still put coffee or sometimes tea in theirs, I prefer daiquiris in mine). They have from time to time come out with more camping and recreational items than just solid utilitarian items for work, such as their travel mugs, larger coolers, insulated cooler/thermos containers for food. These are of course dual use items for either work or leisure/camping. But occasionally they indulge in creating items that are more geared to recreation (unless of course you happen to be a bartender), and have come out with a series of very noteworthy, well made and useful gear.

This is the first of a series of reviews where we review their product line of drink related ware. Included in this series is the Stanley Happy Hour System (below) , Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Shot Glasses, Stanley Pocket Steel Flask, Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask, among others.

Appearance: Attractive packaging with informative graphics detailing the 7 piece system ( 4 stainless steel double walled Old Fashioned sized rocks glasses , juicer/strainer, jigger cap, citrus reamer and how it all nests together.

First Impression: Solidly made with good stainless steel 18/8 which means it is a good grade and heavy enough to be rugged and not to dent easily, but light enough to not be a burden. Capacity is 30 0unces (read four cocktails with ice ) the seven ounce capacity each stainless steel glasses are double walled and ribbed, this giving them the two advantage of east to grip and not warming your cocktail as you hold it.

Assembly is either baton and groove twist (pop on and twist) or screw on threaded, no mashing together and hope it does not leak like most shakers, or the bashing it open and spilling it all over – which can be critical if you are deep in the woods far from a liquor store, or it is late and resupply is not an option. Plastic fittings (Collars and citrus fruit juicer/reamer are heavy duty PBA Free plastic). The all stainless construction is a big bonus she using any juice in particular or good spirits in general as a lesser step, silver , copper, pewter, etc., are all capable of flavoring a cocktail, and glass , while nice , can break or chip.

Directions and Instructions:

Testing: Easy to assemble and disassemble all the pieces. Just twist, drop in and turn. Dishwasher safe and no fancy high polish finishes to either scratch or possibly give away your position.  Assembled components fit slightly loosely but well together there is not much rattle, clearance is wide enough for easy packing, but loose enough so if you did manage to bend something out of round you can still put everything together again. this was a thoughtful design decision as I have seen what happens in a too tight tolerance kit before. Jigger cap is a little hard to see and only does 1/2 oz and 1 oz measures. I would suggest a OXO stainless steel jigger to complement this set if you need more precision.

Actual shaking and breaking was a breeze with no leaks and easy clean up afterwards ( dishwasher safe too !) . The cups are double wall stainless, and unlike many others they are indented at intervals to give a better grip – and also easier to pull apart, there is nothing like trying to pull apart smooth walled cups or glasses that got sticky with something. Size ( 7 oz) is a good size, not too big or too small, and the drinks stay cold well straight up ( without ice ). Also another advantage to bing all steel is you can drop the whole rig in your ice for chilling  and not worry about getting glass in your ice. You can also get a water bottle Cozy or similar thermal jacket for the shaker to keep thins even colder.

Another good item for it is on of those old portable bars- you can put the shaker in it and use the loops for the cups you don’t need for more booze, bitters or garnishes !

Other:  The Stanley Adventure Happy Hour System comes with lifetime warranty.  If it breaks they replace it ( so long as you don’t carve on it, shoot it, run it over, etc.,)

Final Thoughts: Overall a damn fine , practical, and well thought out system. Prices for the set run from $35 on Amazon to $50 on Stanley site ( but you can look at all their other goodies too !)


Final Thoughts: When you consider the quality of what you are getting this set is a great deal, and it will last a lifetime.If yeti made a kit like this it would probably be over $200 easy.

Website: Stanley

Great website with lots of photos and good descriptions of things you will suddenly need !



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