Stanley Adventure Series eCycle Flask – Cleanable Recycled Flask 7 OZ / 207 ML

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A very revolutionary step in flask design. Extremely easy to fill and clean and multifunctional too !

Notes: It comes in a variety of colors.  Other items in their series includes the Adventure Happy Hour System, Adventure Pocket Steel Flask, Adventure Stainless Steel Shot Glasses, and variations such as combo packs.

Appearance: A bit more square than most flasks, good solid if blocky feel to it.Slightly taller neck and cap assembly with a beefier lanyard system. One side is hinged, the other has has a snap closure and a snap down turnbuckle.”Stanley, Since 1913″ is die printed in smooth letters on a otherwise slightly textured surface.

First Impression:Well made, fits together tightly and lid has inner silicone9?) o ring for more precise fit. Threads for cap are internal- making for an easier wipe down and better seal than external threads. Again a silicone (?) seal at the top of the cap for a better seal.

Directions and Instructions: Important ! Instruction papers are INSIDE the flask ! So remove them ( and maybe even read them !) before you rinse out the flask and fill it with something. Otherwise it is pretty straightforward, with a number of caveats. This is a very sealed container so anything that is carbonated or might ferment is a no no, the flask might rupture or leak in a spectacular and possibly painful manner.

Testing: We filled it up and took it out a number of times where it was either upside down, on its side, or pressed on. The recessed lever opening is hard to accidentally open (als0 you could just tape the lever and detent to be extra safe). The hinged top is brilliant on at least two major points, first , it is dead simple to fill, no funnels required, no bubbling and you can easily see the level ( try that with a metal flask!) , second it is extremely easy to rinse and clean ( see above again). It is also very easy to fill with a cocktail and even a garnish or larger flavoring ( such as a peel or fruit ) can be added. Only cask I know of outside of a thermos that you can put a mojito, julep, or Sangria in with all the proper fixings.

Other: The Stanley Adventure Series eCycle Flask comes with lifetime warranty.  If it breaks they replace it ( so long as you don’t carve on it, shoot it, run it over, etc.,)

Final Thoughts: A damn fine flask even if it first glance it looks a little odd. Excellent build quality and thoughtful design. It also functions well as a dry safe for money, ID, phone, matches, etc., or as a cigar case/humidor for your smokes – show me a Pelican or similar dry box that you can put either all that stuff or your booze in ! Great multiuse device !


Great website with lots of photos and good descriptions of things you will suddenly need !




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