Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask 5oz 146 ML

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Nicely made, does not tip over, lifetime warranty.You might need a few of these. Different colors for easy organization.

Notes: Part of the Adventure ( they say “Rugged, Essential” read barware/drinking) Series, This is the 5 oz ( 146 ML for the rest of the world) version of the new series of flasks that are more square than most flasks, almost a Jerry Can ( the older , Classic Series is also quite nice  8 oz 240ML with a more ovoid shape) . It comes in a variety of colors( four altogether) with a matching colored collar and stainless steel button cap and lanyard to keep you from dropping the cap. Other items in their series includes the Adventure Happy Hour System, Adventure eCycle Flask, Adventure Stainless Steel Shot Glasses, and variations such as combo packs.

Appearance: Nicely made with no obvious faults, slightly pebbled plastic  finish keeps it from sweating and insulates it to some degree. Stainless steel foot to it – reminiscent of the thermos. Ridged plastic cap with plastic retainer and stainless steel button on top. 18/8 Stainless steel single wall construction and PBA free. Nice Stanley old school aesthetics’s to it, quality but not foppish .

First Impression: Decent construction , certainly better than a lot of the lower end flasks you see out there. Square shape is a trifle odd but distinctive – and a lot more stable to put down too !Many other flasks tip over too easily. This one keeps your liquids safe. Also the coating is nice and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet with spirits or water ( both of which an quickly ruin leather) and unlike leather and  vinyl it is much more resistant to shrinking over time

Directions and Instructions: Hand Wash only, do not microwave. Directions helpfully printed on bottom of flask

Testing: Works well for carrying in most pockets, also in kits as it is compact and square. Does not leak, easy to open even with gloves and pours well. Only downside is size, 5 0z/146 ML is a bit small unless this is a mixer/modifier (like vermouth or curaçao ). Stainless means you could also carry anything acidic like lime juice. Also being stainless steel you can leave spirits in it for a while without leaching lead int your drink ( unlike pewter).

Other: The Stanley Adventure Happy Hour System comes with lifetime warranty.  If it breaks they replace it ( so long as you don’t carve on it, shoot it, run it over, etc.,)

Final Thoughts: A nicely made flask overall at a decent if not cheap price for what you are getting. The warranty certainly makes it worth it. How many cheap flasks have you thrown away or lost. If you have a good one you keep it and make sure people give it back. Cheaper in the long run.


Great website with lots of photos and good descriptions of things you will suddenly need !



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