Stanley Packable Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set

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A good set of stainless steel shot cups in a durable case

Notes: It comes in a variety of colors.  Other items in their series includes the Adventure Happy Hour System, Adventure Pocket Steel Flask, Adventure eCycle Flask, and variations such as combo packs.

Appearance: .”Stanley, Since 1913″ is die printed in smooth letters on an otherwise slightly textured surface.Slightly pebbled green enamel ( ?) outside like their iconic thermos, with plain stainless inside. Cleverly if slightly obsessively boxed in a cardboard display.

You need to remove the small disk of stickum on the bottom shot or it will stick in ht canister or to another shot cup.

First Impression:Well made, fits together tightly and lid has a central tab with a hole to attach a carabiner or lanyard for attaching to other gear. Made from 18/8 stainless steel . They rattle a touch when assembled but that is the trade off for being able to slap them in and get them out even if they are slightly sticky and unwashed in the field.

Directions and Instructions: Printed on bottom with construction and capacity information. Straightforward, simple, and easy to follow.

Testing: We used them a number of times and they work well. Stainless single wall so they do transmit heat a bit, but not excessively so. Finish your drink before it gets warm or something lands in it !

Other: The Stanley Adventure Series Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set comes with lifetime warranty.  If it breaks they replace it ( so long as you don’t carve on it, shoot it, run it over, etc.,)

Final Thoughts: Decent build quality and thoughtful design. Unlike a lot of other shot cup sets, this has a carrier tube rather than a snap on cover wrap (leather, vinyl, or cloth) and will keep the set clean and dry till you need it.


Great website with lots of photos and good descriptions of things you will suddenly need !

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