Starlino Maraschino Cherries

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Bottle of Starlino Maraschino Cherries

An excellent option for someone looking for a cocktail cherry.Leaner and less sweet than some of the other leading brands out there. A more subdued yet flavorful cherry with a great mouthfeel and taste.

Notes: Boasting 100% natural ingredients – especially rare if you consider that the Maraschino cherry as they are generically known in the United States, that bright red embalmed piece of seeming styrofoam embalmed with a red-dyed syrup after mummification using various chemicals) was front and center offender in the US Congressional hearings in the original food and drug act. This is most decidedly not that kind of Maraschino Cherry.  This is a much more traditional type of Maraschino cherry made from a few varieties of Maraschino Subspecies/varieties as it were. Once the cherry is harvested it is placed in its natural cherry juice for 15 days then they age it for another week to reach maximum ripeness before putting it in a much less sugared syrup and juice mix than most Amerena cherries. It DOES NOT need to be refrigerated after opening but kept in a cool dry place.
The Starlino Hotel line is a newcomer to the United States but the distillery has been in business since 1906. The Vergano family distillery, Torino Distillati is in Piedmonte, in North-Eastern Italy. They make a number of good products, among which are the Starlino Torino Rosso ( Red) Vermouth, and The Starlino Rosso Rose Aperitivo ( which is far better than St Germain IMHO and more versatile).

Appearance: Dark almost cherry black color in a dark cherry juice syrup that is almost opaque in color. A 14 oz jar has approximately 50 cherries that each way about 8 grams (1/4  oz ) each, These cherries are already pitted but like any other cherry product, there may be a pit hiding in one of them so be warned. Semi thick syrup is notably less thick than other luxury cherries syrup, which to me is a good thing.

First Impression: Whiffs of luxuriant cheery juice and spices. You know you are in for a treat!

Taste: Delicious, almost meaty texture to the cherry. Understated and not overly sweet, it has a mild more like fresh cherry taste to it than most of those sugar bombs out there.Cherry, touch of mace, and spices.

Drinks: Perfect in a Manhattan or Cosmopolitan, it can be used in any drink calling for a cherry garnish and provides a textured, lean and less candy-like alternative. A definite signature to make your own in your drinks.

Bottle: Standard sized jam jar sized jar of clear glass and standard screw-top lid with “Starlino Maraschino Cherries printed on white top. The label is very reminiscent of their bottles labels and tastefully done

Other: Be aware as to your choice of barware to handle the cherries. It is best to use a porcelain spoon (certainly not silver or copper as they can react to the juice and leave a taste unless polished)

Final Thoughts: Excellent alternative to an Amerena cherry ( such as Luxardo) and a great cherry to add to your garnish options


Fascinating and colorful page including a contrast and compare between the Maraschino Cherry and the Amarena Cheery ( the two top cherry-picks for high-end cocktails).There is also. links to their other products and the promise of more goodies to come.Well worth looking at!

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