Griffin Survivor Series iPad Case

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Rugged ,easy access, but not waterproof. Convenient , easy to use. Recommended for casual to rugged use.

In our continuing series of equipment tests for travel gear (especially for journalists and photographers) we bring you the Survivor Military – Duty Case with Stand by Griffin

Notes: This a a ruggedized case to prevent damage from shock (drops) sand,dust infiltration,vibration, and wind and rain damage. The case is tested to Mil-STD-810F  the basic military torture/durability tests for acceptance to the United States Military .

Appearance: Appears to be well made of durable material , combination of plastic hard shell with internal bumpers and a silicone outer shell with flexible bits that allow access to ports. Good gripping characteristics and plenty of silicone rubber bumpers around the edges. Fit and finish is OK to good on the way the two separate components mate and match and the fit of the port covers.  It also comes with a plastic stand that clips to the case that allows you stand the iPad up for easier viewing. The stand however both seems small and not very robust, bordering on cheesy at first glance.

First Impression: Ease of use to install: moderate, with no direction ( except those sealed inside the case and inaccessible) I had to go online to figure it out and no, Griffin did not have any hints on their website – I think they need to correct that !  Instructions after I got the case open were a bit cursory and no easy way to tell how the pieces went together after struggling them apart.After a bit of struggle I got the  case on and snapped together.

Testing:  All the controls are easily accessible and touch screen works well. Bumps,drops and splash tests worked as iPad was undamaged. Easy to grip and feels good in the hand. Seems reasonably rugged for the casual user and does protect iPad well enough. Much more protection than cheaper cases and seems to protect iPad well for most circumstances. Recommended as a good to excellent case by itself. The stand however seems to be an afterthought to an otherwise well thought out design.The stand is flimsy,poorly angled for steady use ( other than watching a video and not touching the iPad at all. Also depending on how you use the case it will in some instances turn down the volume controls to zero. I would highly recommend getting another stand if you plan on needing one as this one is thoroughly inadequate, which is a pity given the otherwise great design of the case.

Packaging and Instructions: Cardboard and plastic blister packaging that is attractive easy to open. Instructions are minimal but somewhat adequate once you reach them.

Other: Directions are sealed inside the case when you buy it with no directions whatsoever on how to open said case. Color selection is somewhat limited.

Final Thoughts: It may seem a bit expensive at first glance but good protection doesn’t come cheap. Worth the money to protect your iPad from most misadventures but still allow you to easily access all it’s functions. There are more protective cases out there but you sacrifice accessibility  and convenience for more protection than most people need.

More cases and accessories to protect and enjoy your electronics than you can imagine. All their gear is decent and works – which is a lot more than you can say about a lot of knockoffs out there. Spend some money and get some quality not frustration.

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