Tabasco Brand Spicy Tequila

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 8
Type: , ,
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $21.99 750 ML

Great for cooking but not so much for drinking.

Notes: This tequila is produced in cooperation with the McIlhenny family of Louisiana, the makers of Tabasco (TM) sauce. This is a mixto tequila with flavors added.

Appearance: Clear, slightly yellow / tan color, with no sediment. On swirling, it leaves a clear coat on the inside of the glass then legs developing turning into droplets.

First Impression:Tickles the nose (enough it made me sneeze) from the Tabasco, with the scents of brine, chili, and spices mixed in. While not the best tequila bouquet (a bit simple and light) it seems okay. Some smoky notes also that one would normally associate with mezcal.

Taste: Sweetened tequila followed by a curtain of tabasco pepper rolling across your tongue and palate almost immediately and about a minute for it to go away. Sweet finish intermixed with pepper and a lingering tingling / numbness with some smoke notes.

DrinksThe company has come up with a series of drinks (with nicely done photos of the finished products)

Final Thoughts: Our experience with flavored (as opposed to infused) tequilas has not been pretty, but we tried to keep an open mind about this one. I think it will be popular with the younger crowd of tequila drinkers and those who are looking for a simple tequila with a bite and of course hot sauce lovers.For a flavored tequila we found it to be outstanding – actual real flavors not a chemical soup like many. We did find it excellent for cooking, BBQ sauce, salsas, drunken shrimp,etc., and think it is a great addition for the kitchen.

Bottle: Rectangular clear glass with black neck wrap and screw cap- looks a lot like a Cuervo Gold bottle.

Web site:

Fast loading, simple navigation, easy-to-read if a bit terse. Excellent recipe section.

N.B. : The ratings are for flavored tequilas- not the broader tequila catagory

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