Tambour Original Sodabi

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Proof: 90 (45 %)
Price: $41 750 ML
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Bottle of Tambour Sodabi

Tambour Original Sodabi is a very mixable liqueur that could be used in a whole new family of cocktails and especially as a Tiki ingredient.

Notes: Tambour Original Sodabi qualifies as one of the more exotic potions we have reviewed in recent months. At least it does not contain a dead reptile or some other challenge unlike some of our past reviews.

Distilled in Benin from palm sap bought from local harvesters which was fermented into a wine base then twice distilled, rested with American oak, then cut to proof and bottled. Flavored with Hibiscus flowers, dates, honey and other local tropical fruits and spices. The end result is a very pleasing liqueur, the closest comparable taste is that of Chartreuse.

Appearance: Clear, old gold/patinated bronze in color

First Impression: Earthy, spicy, aromatic and floral in a unique and intriguing bouquet.

Taste: As I said above, kind of like Chartreuse, but an earthier version, similar to Rum Jumbi with hibiscus, dates, nutmeg, Amarula, honey, palm, palm sugar, molasses, and spicier notes we can’t quite identify.

Drinks: Makes a lovely Last Word variation, an interesting kir or kir royale, and even a Death in the Afternoon variant. Tambour also works well with a cola, ginger ale or assorted juices. Another test found it made a great Caparina variation adding more depth, complexity, and a herbal spicy earthiness. Custom recipes can be found on their website

Bottle: Nicely made French high luster glass somewhat of a tall flattened oval in shape, allowing for a better grip than a straight cylinder and more visually. Nice decanter weighted bottom and long enough neck for a good grip.

Other: At 90 proof this is not some watered down liqueur, it is a full-on liquor in strength, which may change your ratio decisions and cost analysis. As a liqueur, the proof and price make it very competitive

Final Thoughts: An excellent liqueur with some exciting mixology possibilities.Very versatile and capable of being used in a host of various cocktails. Might make doe a whole new family of Tiki drinks.


Ïast loading and somewhat informative. Not bad for a small site, and does explain the spirit and the cocktail section is useful too.

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