Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 5
Type: ,
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $45.00 750 ML

N.B. : The ratings are for flavored tequilas- not the broader tequila category
Great for cooking, excellent quality.

Notes: Made from 100% agave and infused with real natural essences (as opposed to macerated which would mean they put the ingredients directly in the tequila and extracted the flavors that way). This is one of three products put out by this company, the others being Tanteo Tropical and Tanteo Chocolate.

Appearance: Clear, slightly yellow / tan color, with no sediment. On swirling, it leaves a clear coat on the inside of the glass then legs developing turning into droplets.

First Impression:Tickles the nose from the Jalapeño, although not enough it made me sneeze – unlike another flavored tequila we reviewed recently – which is fine with me. Lovely bouquet with the scents of brine, chilies, and spiciness. Subtle chile smells (fresh pepper smell) and good quality agave.

Taste: Excellent quality tequila tastes- sweet savory notes, lime citrus with salt – slight alkali tang and touches of leather – followed by a curtain of jalapeno pepper rolling across your tongue and palate almost immediately and about a minute for it to go away. Sweet then slightly drying finish intermixed with pepper and a lingering tingling / numbness with some smoke/roasted pepper notes.

Drinks: No specialty drinks or recipes on website. Works well in a Bloody Mary Variation or any drink using tequila and using a heat ingredient such as chilies or hot sauce.

Bottle:Clear recycled but high quality glass. A very eye pleasing shape to it -Rectangular bottom with a heavy decanter base swelling upwards to a rounded shoulder with a medallion wax seal at shoulder with a easy to grip neck with two small glass bands between which the hang tag is tied. Bottom of bottle has a capital ” T” pressed into bottom. Labeling is equally well done – Very attractive raised printing with multiple colors and borders on good quality paper, silkscreened graphics on front and back directly on glass. Small clear plastic label on back also. Package is finished with a paper seal (in this case green with the word jalapeño on it), wooden topped real cork closure, and a signed and numbered seal on the hang tag giving bottle # and bottling date. Overall one of the nicest bottles I have seen in a while in regards to eye appeal.

Final Thoughts: Our experience with flavored (usually meaning some chemical flavor additives as opposed to infused with natural essences) tequilas has not been pretty, but we try to keep an open mind. For a flavored tequila we found it to be outstanding – actual real flavors not a chemical soup added to a indifferent tequila and marketed at spring break. We also found it excellent for adding some heat and savory in cooking, and think it is a great addition for the kitchen /spice collection as something to get creative with.

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Fast loading, simple navigation, easy-to-read if rather terse not to say short on information. Recipe helps you tease out the uniqueness of this tequila

N.B. : The ratings are for flavored tequilas- not the broader tequila category

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