Tehuana Silver Mezcal

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 3
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Fresh from the Still
Price: $35.00 - 750 ML
Price Range:
Bottle of Tehuana Silver Mezcal

Probably the lowest scoring Mezcal in their portfolio in my ratings. Maybe it is just my personal taste or maybe I got on off bottle – but I cannot recommend it.

Notes: This mezcal is produced in Oaxaca, the traditional area in Mexico for mezcal. This is the youngest expression of this particular mezcal line – all of which are single barrel bottlings of 100% agave. They also import numerous other mezcals that we will be reviewing (see our reviews of the Scorpion Silver, Scorpion Anejo One Star, Scorpion Anejo Three Star, Tehuana Anejo, Embajador Anejo, and Embajador Silver).

Appearance: Clear as molten glass in the bottle. It is a beautiful thing! On
swirling it leaves a very light coating on the glass which belies its viscosity sitting in the glass it looks like a small puddle of sap or nectar. Quite a striking contrast to most clear spirits such as vodka.

First Impression: Smoky, sweet, some savory at first, then a sort of acetone smell develops.

Taste: Slight sweetness, smoke- then off-tastes, acetone, or banana?I t starts to burn at the end.

Drinks: Despite our best efforts I found only one mezcal cocktail (in Gary and Mardee Regan’s New Classic Cocktails). I guess that is one way to use it up.

Cigars: No.

: Simple square shaped bottle with Aztec symbols in raised relief on the sides. Label and bottle give it a somewhat antique or low tech feel to it. Has a tiny sombrero hanging from it. I usually take that as a warning sign if I see things like that, but in this case it does make the bottle easier to find. Label is simple but packs a lot of information for those able to decode all the industry shorthand. Look for that worm!

Final Thoughts: Disappointing.


Fast loading with a display of all the Mezcals they import (more than twelve!).
Basic information and pictures of each one, with reviews and ratings by different people and organizations. Rather basic, but functional. They spent the money on what is inside the bottle, and not slick web page programming.

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