The Bartenders Bible

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I highly reccomend the Bartenders Bible by Gary Regan. Get the spiral bound , lay flat version.

TITLE: The Bartenders Bible
SUBTITLE: 1001 Mixed Drinks and Everything You Need to Know to Set up Your Bar
AUTHOR : Gary Regan
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins, 340 pages
COST : $17
TYPE: Mixing Manual
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson,

Gary has been a professional bartender for a very long time and bartending runs in his family – his father owned a pub in England (which Gary was born over) and it is our fortune that Gary migrated here. TheBartenders Bible is a very well-organized and concise book about two things:

1. How to set up your bar from a from small liquor cabinet sized bar, to something that constitutes a major fire hazard to your neighborhood;


2. How to mix and serve over 1000 quality drinks most of which you might drink (unlike some manuals that have huge numbers of undrinkable cocktails).

The book is broken into chapters on stocking a bar, equipment, and of course, drinks. The drinks chapters are broken down by alcoholic ingredient (bourbon, gin, rum, etc.). It is a very readable with interesting stories on some of the cocktails and straight-forward recipes.

While it lacks the pretty photographs that some books have, it is a very solid manual. I highly recommend the spiral bound version as it lays flat and stays open while you are trying to mix a drink. Also the cover is reasonably stain/spill proof.

Gary is a prolific author who also writes regular columns in many noted wine, food and spirit magazines. To sign up for Gary’s highly entertaining (and more or less monthly) newsletter go to:

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