The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Double Oak Expression and New Glenlivet Ad Campaign

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Proof: 80 (40% )
Age: 12 Years Old
Price: $39.99 750 ML
Price Range:

A well-considered and well-done new expression of a classic at an attractive price !

The Glenlivet has also started an extensive ad campaign of late titled ” Seize The Day” to try to get people to lighten up about the holidays and the stress they bring (especially lately) press release below :

“A recent survey from The Glenlivet scotch whisky found 58% of Americans are more excited about celebrating the holidays this year than last; however, 66% say they find holiday responsibilities overwhelming. In fact, 45% of Americans find having three or more holiday responsibilities “overwhelming” and 71% of Americans said they would be interested in at least one service to make their holiday plans “more special and out of the ordinary,” with holiday hosting at 67% and timely gift shopping at 41%.

This season, the brand most known for breaking from convention is launching a campaign to encourage fans to ‘Seize the Season’, taking the reins on these holiday hassles – with the launch of The Glenlivet Holiday Conciergea premium service dedicated to helping consumers seize the season from begrudging to beguiling kicking off on November 16.

As part of the efforts, The Glenlivet ‘Seize The Season’ campaign will run from November 8th through January 1st across paid social media, digital display & online video, radio, and connected TV via a :15 TVC

To learn more about the campaign and sweepstakes, fans can visit” 

End of the Press release and back to review now…..

Notes: One of the oldest legal distilleries in Scotland. The full history of Glenlivet Distillery is covered in an excellent book by Paul Pacult titled “A Double Scotch”  (also reviewed on Booze Books our sister website)for those wishing to get into a lot of entertaining detail to regale their fellow malt enthusiasts with a lot of detail, including an attempted assassination by moonshiners of the owner when he decided to go legitimate.

This is new to me variation on their 12 Year Old Single Malt being a Double Wood rather than the standard single wood ( used bourbon barrel) that I reviewed a few years back here
that release was nice, but more and more whisky companies are bringing out whiskies with more complex barrel genealogy in the past few years looking for more novelty and of course taste.

Appearance: Lovely smoked Amber color, leaves a nice edge line on the glass after swirling with very even retreat of the meniscus with symmetrical tears forming after a little bit.

First Impression: Heather, vanilla, honey, smooth nutty notes, slightly spicy, barley with dried dark fruits and a whiff of peat. There is also a distinct note of grape? Cognac or Banyuls perhaps? Charming addition to the overall classic Speyside that is a Glenlivet hallmark. Nicely done!

Taste: A manly but delicate expression of a whisky, nicely peaty but with heather and barley notes, some smoke with honey, spice, vanilla, dried fruits, leather, apricots, quite smooth and pleasant.

Drinks: Works well when you need a quality classic scotch and don’t want to blow a lot of money or overpower a drink with too much smoke. Also certainly good enough for an everyday sipper in a decent glass and as a gateway Single Malt Scotch for novices.

Bottle: Classic Scotch Bottle, clear glass to show the color, and multiple part paper labels with simple, classic graphics. HAs shoulder (paper) medallion on shoulder classic foil wrap and an embossed stopper with a natural cork (sadly a rare thing these days – nothing imitates a real cork opening sound). Box is also nicely sturdy with attractive graphics and a handy flavor/nose wheel chart on the back. Overall a well-done package – especially at this price point.

Other: Described as “the quintessential Speyside malt” by Michael Jackson, It does represent the style quite well. This edition adds some intriguing barrel notes to their standard-issue offering.

Cigars:  Rocky Patel or Romeo and Julietta Connecticut Wrapper

Final Thoughts:  Available damn near anywhere you care to look it is a safe bet at a bar or as a gift if a fairly middle of the road somewhat conservative choice in terms of a flavor/style rather than say an Islay ( peaty, iodine, seaweed, very heavy duty sort of scotch)  or a lighter style or a blend. Price is excellent for what you are getting, there are cheaper lesser known scotches out there, but as I stated before, widely available and appreciated almost everywhere.


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