The Modern Drunkard

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Possibly on of the best books written on drinking and how to behave while drinking ever !!
Drinking version of Martines Hand Book of Etiquette and Guid To True Politeness (Arthur Martine 1866)

TITLEThe Modern Drunkard, A Handbook For Drinking In The 21st Century 
AUTHOR: Frank Kelly Rich (Editor of Modern Drunkard Magazine)
PUBLISHER: Riverhead Books (
TYPE: – Reference/Guidance (No Really!)
COST: $14.00 US

This is a book on serious drinking and on deportment, behavior, etiquette, and outlook. Although the publishers have not seen it that way – they have classified it as a humor book so you sometimes have to look for it in the Humor Section of a bookstore rather than the Self Help, Life Style, or Wine and Spirits sections – possibly for liability reasons. With the older generations of serious drinkers (I define them as pre 1965) dying out, there has been a growing cultural and knowledge gap as the lessons, behaviors and socialization are lost. How many men were taught how to properly carve a Thanksgiving turkey, dress for dinner or an evening out? The same could be said for drinking – most young people act they have been raised by wolves or Baptist Ministers. Gone is the knowledge on how to throw a proper cocktail party – not some Frat boy beer blast, how to behave (or appropriately misbehave if you will) in a bar, how to mix a proper drink, or the culture of drinking as practiced by our forefathers and mothers.

The book starts with the “The 86 Rules of Boozing,” a distillation of bar wisdom and deportment and proceeds from there to provide, practical planning and lifestyle guidance for almost all drinking/social situations you may encounter. Mr. Rich also provides some sound advice and philosophy for serious drinkers – a cross between Dr. Phil, Verlaine and Hemingway. To hell with a drinking age – it should be knowledge based (that was basically my fathers philosophy) and this book should be required reading for your exams – written, oral and practical, preferably with internships.




Where you can subscribe to the magazine and buy the book directly ( and give Frank all the money) and also buy lots of humorous merchandise.


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