The Spirits of Miles 2005 Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
Proof: 100 (50%)
Age: Solera Aged - hard to guess

Overall a very interesting and unique bourbon well worth hunting down.

Notes: Spirits of Miles is a small craft distillery located in Geneva, New York (about halfway between Rochester and Syracuse) on Keuka Lake. They currently produce bourbon, several varietal grape brandies, Eau de vies, liqueurs, and some amaros ( such as their black walnut amaro). As we review their other products, we will link them. Their products are all grown, fermented, and distilled in New York State.

This very particular bourbon has been aging since 2005, first in new American oak casks, then in sherry and port casks in a solera system.

Appearance: Clear deep amber/red in color. On swirling, this bourbon leaves a medium coat on the glass, with the edgeline slowly receding and tears forming on the meniscus.

First Impression: Heavy chocolate malt notes with grain, corn, honey, figs, dark fruit, cherries, plums, and char/smoke

Taste: Delicious smoke wraps around the sweetness, and the malt lends a depth with the fruit, sherry, and port notes chiming in. Closer in some ways to a smoked Irish Whiskey than to your standard bourbon, it is a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

Drinks: Well, yes, of course, it works in all the usual bourbon cocktails and a number of Scotch and Irish Whisky cocktails too. But really, I would tend to leave bourbon this to a Glen Cairn glass or similar tasting glass to appreciate it fully. Any other application is like using a sports car to plow snow.

Bottle:Nicely complicated and attractive packaging overall. Unusually shaped paper front label that features the family homestead on the lake on the front label. The back label has some good tasting notes along with “Grown, Fermented, and Distilled in the Finger Lakes,” which ( in my mind at least) is important as a statement as craft and local are increasingly slippery terms these days. It is important that these attributes are stated clearly.
Glass bottle has fluted shoulders, much like an antique decanter, and is sealed with a soft gold sealing wax which is thankfully easy to remove/open. I hate it when you have to resort to sharp objects to get at your whiskey!

Other: Very limited supply and distribution

Final Thoughts: buy

Website: www.https;// 

Unfortunately, there is no stand-alone website ( yet), but the Family winery does have one. Also, I would definitely visit the place if you have a chance – If you are lucky, the distiller might be in too!

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