Titanium Drinking Straw 8 Inch by Unique Titanium

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An extremely durable straw that can also be used as a stir stick. Eminently reusable and could be passed down through generations.

Notes: Unique Titanium offers a wide range of titanium products including straws, stir sticks, bottle openers, chopsticks, and a host of other titanium products along with a number of camping and survival accessories. They have a lot of  quality products for anyone seeking lightweight durable tools and implements. This particular straw in it’s various sizes (see below under other) is made of pure CP Titanium – not an alloy. Certified food-safe, it is the same metal as is used in medical and dental implants. Among it’s many other virtues is it will never  rust or corrode like aluminum or some stainless steels. Titanium also has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel and is non magnetic.
This the 8 inch straw is recommended for medium sized glasses ( rocks or double rocks glasses) or soda cans. Speaking of which, one of the best ways to ever avoid being stung in the lip, tongue or mouth by a hornet or wasp that crawled into your soda while you weren’t looking is to use a straw.
For many years now people have been using reusable chopsticks to save the rain forests (where a lot of those disposable chop sticks come from).Here is your chance to save a small piece of the environment by keeping disposable straws ( and the oil

Appearance: Comes in a clear plastic fold over case/wrapper has a attractive ( and easy to maintain) medium polish that looks nice but won’t show minor use. Good solid construction with no rough edges or burrs. Has the word “TITANIUM” stamped near the end of the straw.

First Impression:  Good solid looking product. About the same length and diameter of an average soda straw with a 45 degree bend in the right spot of most people.

Directions and InstructionsWash with warm water before first use  and  of course after each use. Dishwasher safe. Do not use scratch pads or abrasives as it may damage the polish.

Testing: Unlike a lot of plastic straws this straw makes for a great stir stick also, damn near impossible to bend while stirring ice or anything else and transfer chill nicely to let you know your drink is getting cold while stirring. Cleans up easily by just running some hot water through it , and if you like soap. For the completely obsessed, you could of course sanitize or even sterilize it too.
It is not accidentally or even intentionally easily bent so it is safe to pack in your luggage or tool roll and know that it will survive, unlike a plastic straw.It is quite lightweight but extremely durable and should last you and your heirs a lifetime.

Other: The straws also come in 7 ($14.99) and 10 ($17.99) inch sizes. The 10 inch is recommended for 8 oz (read Tom Collins) glasses.
While I will not openly endorse its use as either a weapon or for a medical device (say for an emergency tracheotomy tube or a splint) it certainly seems like it would work for those uses in a pinch.

Final Thoughts: As the company says, “Cut down on refuse and say  “NO” to disposable plastic straws.  This environmentally friendly Titanium straw could be the last straw you ever need!”, indeed, this straw is almost bombproof so you would never have to worry about the usual plastic straw problems of bending and cracking. It will also not leach any chemicals into someones drink like BPA or similar plastics and keep some plastics ( that may outlast the pyramids of Egypt over time) out of landfills.


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