Titanium Straw House / Holster

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Price: $17.95 plus shipping

Well made and built to last. Carry your lifetime tools in a lifetime pouch

Notes: Designed to house/carry your Big Ti titanium straw and keep it clean and ready to use.

Appearance: Well made piece of brown shoe grade leather with dark brown stitching, decent snap and slits at top and bottom for drainage and double reinforced ends so it does not easily let the straws punch through.

First Impression: Good solid leather that doesn’t not smell unlike cheap imports. Thoughtful design and made well.

Directions and InstructionsReally, what instructions do you need for this?

Testing: Works well, but you may need to add some saddle soap or leather conditioner to stretch it just a tad to fit and mold it.

Other: You can also carry the smaller titanium straw and the titanium stir sticks in the case by slipping them inside your Big Ti straw

Final Thoughts: Well made, could have used a belt loop or some other form of attachment  to be able to carry it. A touch pricey but well made from good leather.


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