Tito’s Handmade Vodka

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 9
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $19.99 750 ml
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Decent, but not handmade.

Notes: Tito’s is one of the first of a burgeoning crop of handmade vodkas. They distill their vodka in pot still (a rarity for vodka – and much more labor intensive than a column still) 6 times and filtered through activated charcoal. Although the term “Handmade” is somewhat of a misnomer in that they take bulk NGS (Neutral Grain Spirit/ethanol ) and rectify/redistill it and call  it handmade – many real microdistillers who ferment and distill their own products  ( a much more expensive and labor intensive process) have and do take issue whit them using that term.

Appearance: Clear as glass, body is heavier than water but not excessively so. Some formation of legs on the glass but not a lot – which tells us they didn’t use any thickeners to mask anything.

First Impression: Very nice sweet corn scent to it (!). No off-notes or that rubbing alcohol smell you get from a bad or sloppy distillation. An exceedingly clean spirit. Some sweet smell – no doubt the influence of the corn.

Taste: Very smooth – it just glides down the throat, silky, slightly hot at the end – lets you know you are drinking vodka- but not the broken glass and rubbing alcohol finish you get from a badly made vodka. Great body to it without having to resort to all the tricks others use.

Drinks: Works well in a martini and just about every other drink we tried. Slight sweetness of the vodka is a real plus for a lot of drinks these days.

Bottle: Clear glass bottle shows vodka to nice effect. Plain brown label with simple graphics stands out against the sea of frosted bottles and slick graphics. Simple and clean-like the vodka.

Final Thoughts: One of the better new American vodkas – cleaner than Avian Fashion Vodka and about 1/2 the money. Damn cheap for what you are getting. Very clean, smooth and easy to drink. Another plus is being made from corn, it is gluten-free for people with wheat allergies.


Website  Straightforward design, fast loading and good information. Well laid out, no annoying flash presentation or intros. Quirky and amusing with interesting music and videos. Well worth a look.

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