Tres Generaciones Anejo

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 5

Kind of like sex with a hooker.

Notes: This tequila is produced in the lowlands of the state of Jalisco, in the town of Tequila (yes, there is a town called that). The master distiller is the third generation descendant of the original owner. Distillery was founded in 1873. This distillery uses a number of techniques that are different than the more traditional ones. First they pulverize the pinãs before they cook them (and remove the fibers and detritus from the resulting pulped pinãs) then they use
huge steel ovens that look more like lumber drying kilns and they use closed (or at least covered) steel tanks to ferment the mosto to quickly mass produce their tequila. The steel ovens and other shortcuts don’t yield the same results in my opinion. Aged in used medium char bourbon barrels for at least one year (according to website) others say three years.

This is the oldest expression of this particular line. The others being Tres Generaciones Plata, and Tres Generaciones Reposado.

Appearance:  Very pale straw color, great clarit.On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass with some legs forming, then lots of droplets.

First Impression: Vanilla, fruit, some spice citrus /lime at first, then melon, spice notes, bay leaves, traces of oak , leather and a touch of galangal root. Softer and more fruity than a highland tequila.

Taste: Slightly sweeter than the plata at first, a little fruit, green peepers, hints tobacco, oak char and vanilla notes from barrel and alkali notes. Charcoal fast finish to it. As with almost all lowland tequilas it lacks the mineral bite of the highlands and their other signature tastes.

Drinks: Would hesitate to use it much in a drink where it might be obscured, especially given the price. Worked well enough in most drinks but I was underwhelmed by either its influence or much delicacy.

Cigars: Joya de Nicaragua natural wrapper or or maybe a Cuesta Ray

Bottle: Clear glass but heavily colored brown with cooper beaten metal look to the top area. Color is so dark as to make any guess about the tequilas color totally impossible and conveys false impression of any color. glass bottle with silk screened graphics on clear plastic labels. The color of the label is blue and silver. Nice decanter style heavy bottom gives it a nice feel and makes it harder to tip over. Neck is a trifle short for a good grip either for pouring or as a weapon. Cork closure with large wooden top make it easy to open.

Final Thoughts: While better than many of the other more industrially made lowland tequilas (of which there are legion) it still doesn’t rise to the level of a favorite. Easy to find, price vs. value ratio is high, and frankly it’s kind of like sex with a hooker, short on charm or duration, not what you expected it looked like when it’s naked, expensive, and makes you feel vaguely ripped off for what you were expecting .

Web site: also the site for their other lines of tequila can be found here:

A fast loading site but not as detailed as some with information and pictures. Somewhat difficult navigation of the site – and information was of uneven quality as to depth and clarity.

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