Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Blend of 4 to 5 Year Old Whiskies
Price: $40 750 ML
Price Range:
Bottle of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Much better than you would think by first glance.Bottle is a stand out but afraid it was a bit gimmicky and covering for a sub par whiskey. No, not at all !
Great whiskey especially for the price.

Notes: Triple Dog is a newcomer to the increasingly, shall we say, crowded and complex Irish whisky landscape. There are essentially two major suppliers of Irish whiskey – Cooley and Teeling who both will happily sell you some of their whiskey- which comes in different grades and ages for different prices, of course – and you can then blend to your heart’s content and/or finish in whatever barrels you choose. This has led to an astonishing, if sometimes confusing, selection on store and bar shelves in the last few years. Triple Dog is refreshingly NOT one of those whiskies.

The other end of the Irish Whiskey spectrum is, thankfully, an increasing number of craft distillers who make their own whiskies from scratch – a singularly expensive and labor-intensive endeavor not for the faint-hearted or timid.

Triple Dog is one of the better ones lately -and perhaps more importantly, it seems to be one of the better, cheaper ones lately.

Appearance: Clear, light gold tan in color, it promises an aged but not aggressively charred or woody whiskey. On swirling it produces medium legs

First Impression: Fruity and grainy notes, you can tell it was aged in French oak barrels with that spicy fruit character.

Taste: Smooth, slightly oily entry with medium body. Dried fruit, honey, vanilla, and figs,  almost jammy with nice grain/barley notes that give a lingering grain and wood fade.

Drinks: It is great for Irish whiskey cocktails and sufficiently smooth to use in virtually any other whiskey cocktail. We also tried it as a variation of a Sazerac by swapping it out for the regular whiskey, and it worked very nicely.

Bottle: Interestingapproach they have – Bottle is quite distinctive. A black-coated bottle with a dark red paper label below obscures the color of the whiskey except for a small band near the decanter-style bottom. It does, however, make the bottle very easy to spot on a shelf. That and the spiked dog collar around the neck and red neck capsule make it hard to miss even at a dsitance.

Other: Excellent with a milder and lighter cigar.

Final Thoughts: A well-done whiskey in any category, but particularly in the Irish Whiskey category. Smoother and better than a lot of them – particularly for the price point.



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