True North Vodka

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 10
Type: , ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $29.99 750 ml

Really outstanding vodka. If you like rye vodka in particular you are in for a real treat.

Notes: This Vodka is micro-distilled in Traverse City Michigan at the Grand Traverse Distillery using locally grown rye and is triple distilled in a small potstill. Of special note is that they produce their own vodka from rye – they don’t buy bulk alcohol and rectify (redistill) it – unlike many others. This is MUCH more labor intensive but leads to a much more handcrafted product from start to finish, and it shows. Look at Rehorst Vodka for a longer rave on this practice

AppearanceAttractive bright and viscous body to it, clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thick but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, then legs and droplets. 

First Impression: Sweet soft rye nose, subdued, almost nonexistent smell of alcohol. Sweet and heavy rye grain with no off smells to it.

Taste: Oily grain body the kind of body that cheaper vodkas strive for by doping with sugar, glycerin, or vanilla as shortcuts and obfuscations. A little sweet and deadly smooth with a great rye sweetness and body to it. The alcohol tingles and warms the tongue. Nice medium-length finish.

Drinks: An outstanding vodka to have at room temperature to appreciate the smoothness and body. Great to show people the difference between their vodka and what can be done. But, like every other vodka, much better cold. Outstanding martini. Works wonderfully in other drinks also and imparts a gravity and sweetness you won’t find in most other vodkas.

*Use Noilly Prat and keep the vermouth refrigerated after opening for the best taste.

Bottle:Tall cylindrical frosted bottle but unlike so many other vodkas these days it is a very light dust/misting type of frosting which tapers of near the shoulder and has attractive silk screened graphics of a row of trees and a black topped synthetic cork (better seal than the real ones) to denote it from the cherry flavored version (red cap and a red band) – not easily lost in the forest of vodkas at your local store.

Final Thoughts: One of the few vodkas that I can say are really worth paying over $25 for. A little more money than either Stoli or the Avian Fashion Victim Vodka, but infinitely better. Really outstanding vodka. If you like rye vodka in particular you are in for a real treat.


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