True Utility Cash Stash

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Great way to make sure you still have a way to pay for that cab after all those drinks.

Notes: Designed to carry a piece of paper money or two for an emergency or other small items .

Appearance: Well made piece piece of non reflective aircraft grade aluminum 2 part capsule with a neoprene “O” ring separating the two drew together pieces. Comes in a handy reusable weather proof ( to some degree anyway) clear plastic flip top container big enough for cards and license if you are planning that sort of evening.

First Impression: Decently made with no sharp edges and easy to open. Relatively discrete size and lightweight.

Directions and InstructionsSmall ( hard to find) graphic of how to fold and roll a bill of currency around the internal holder clip.

Testing: Easy to use with a little practice. Just be sure to replace the currency for your next emergency.

Other: This is metallic and hard so would be found in a search or scan. Bear that in mind. Keyring could be removed and stub is relatively rounded so could be body packed ( NOT swallowed !)

Final Thoughts: Not a bad little addition to your keyring that could get you out of a jam.


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